Age 26 – Increased concentration, lifting results and social skills

I fapped around 3 times a day before I started NoFap and decided that it was time to change. I was 25 when I started NoFap, and now I’m 26. Benefits: Increased concentration, better results when lifting weights, and improved social skills. I earned those benefits through hardening my mental resolve and discipline, and they didn’t come to me magically by not fapping.

I started NoFap not as a porn addict, but a simple porn viewer. From there, I’ve gone on a journey of great ups and downs, but have succeeded in keeping my streak alive. Through numerous thoughts of PMO’ing(probably ~6 times a day), and numerous days of burnout and hopelessness, I’ve “survived” by strengthening my mental resolve, and not concerning myself with “superpowers.”

My thoughts on how to reach high streaks are simple: Don’t do it for the “superpowers,” do it for you. Now, that may be sound backwards in the way that “superpowers” do actually help you in some ways, but I mean that if you’re just in it for the “superpowers” you get from NoFap, you’re not really in it for “you”. It has to be a conscious decision from you to stop fapping and looking at porn, without any intrinsic or extrinsic motivation besides wanting to get better. If you go in with the mindset that you’ll do NoFap for a little while just to get the alleged “superpowers,” you’re going to fail. Why? Because there aren’t any “superpowers.” Any positive attributes that come to you through NoFap are from mental discipline, the placebo effect, and testosterone.

People may tell you on here that “NoFap gave me the courage to ask a girl out,” and “NoFap made me more confident,” but you must know that these results aren’t because you magically became more confident, it’s because you had the mental discipline to do what you wanted for once. I’ve often heard talk of the Placebo effect on this sub ( And this talk is surprisingly relevant. Because some of you believed in those “superpowers,” they became real. For some of us, though, we were too skeptical to believe that simply by not fapping, we would gain confidence/strength/other benefits. Placebos don’t work on the skeptical.

What works 100% of the time, even on the skeptical? Mental discipline. Because of mental discipline (extra testosterone helps too) and keeping your urges/wants more under control, you may have gained the courage to ask that girl out, or to be more confident. Mental discipline is what you should concern yourselves about, not “superpowers.”

Ways to improve your mental discipline? Do what you are doing, friends. Completely eliminate impulsive behavior (i.e. fapping), and it will become a thing of the past. I don’t even think about the subject of fapping unless I read something on this sub concerning the act of not fapping. It’s gone for me, and it can be gone for you too. I’ve also eliminated alcohol and weed from my regular usage, because I’ve strengthened my discipline to the point of almost complete self-control. This doesn’t mean you have to do that, but I’m just saying if you have any other addictions, NoFap can sometimes help with those too. In this way, NoFap can actually give you pseudo-superpowers, but not in the way you’d typically think.

More tips on how to get a high streak:

Don’t rely on quotes and anecdotes by famous people to help you through the thoughts of PMO’ing, rely on your resolve. Tell yourself that you aren’t the person you used to be, and fapping is a thing of the past

Cold showers work well to stop any thought of PMO’ing. The intense cold will have you worrying about getting warm again, not fapping.

And, as always, someone on this sub will be here to help you through any PMO situation. Don’t be scared of failure, because everyone else on here has failed before too.

That’s how I reached the higher streaks, everyone. I’m obviously not the expert, nor am I the one with the highest streak, but I know what I am talking about, and what has worked for me.

LINK – Trips. 222 days clean.

by TheMadTbaggeR