Age 26 – More confidence, more desire for face to face interaction, brain is better

I felt like doing a hopefully brief insight of my porn-free 70 days and still counting experience, so here goes.

I’m now 26 years old, active, healthy and have no problem with girls so I felt the whole no orgasm thing you see on nofap was stupid…

I have watched porn pretty regularly since the I was a young teen, I didn’t have a severe addiction where it affected my life drastically but either way I wanted to quit because of moral issues I began to have watching porn and because there is such better things to do with my time, speaking of time this is actually the first time I’ve been on reddit in several months maybe a year I don’t know, that’s because I pretty much quit all computer and cell phone porn outlets which was very difficult but COMPLETELY necessary (i recommend K9 web protection app for iphone and android and get a friend to set a password for you its free and works very well) you don’t realize how accessible porn is until you try to quit its fucking everywhere haha any way’s I tried and failed many times not going longer than a week or 2 but I can’t explain why this time was different but here I am 70 days later which goes to show you can’t give up you will win eventually, I feel quite proud getting this far and after a month or so it’s not even that hard to maintain but I admit I do get urges to go online and look at porn but those feelings always pass so if you get the urge just be strong and do something else to get your brain distracted… some pros and cons:

Pro: more confidence, more desire for face to face interaction with women, no guilt id normally feel after watching porn, I feel like I can think clearer and my brain is functioning better (less forgetful, more pure thoughts etc) , more time to do productive things like the gym, learning to cook, exercising, piano etc.

cons: when I wasn’t getting any action it gave me urges to go online, which I learned to channel those feelings and energy into pursuing girls, that’s really all I can think of there isn’t really any downside to quitting except maybe in the first few weeks because well quitting an addiction is hard and shitty

anyway that’s my experience I highly recommend quitting porn to anyone you will not regret it guaranteed! Thanks for reading and good luck!

LINK – my 70 day and counting porn free experience

by tanskithemanski