Age 26 – More open, confident and calm, sleeping better

So 20 days hardmode this is what i feeling so far! Happier: i feel much more happy when i wake up and during the days i feel having more energy to do things. Social: I care more about people wanting them to be okay and happy and also paying more attention to what they say.

Confident: I feel more open towards people i don´t know and that has been a huge problem for me! not being able to open up to other.

More calm and better sleep: i don´t get angry over small things and i fell that i sleep better during nights.

Focused: i am a bit more focused than earlier!

And lastly yesterday i told my closest friend about my problem and what i trying to do and she is really supportive and feeling the power of porn got a bit weaker 😀

i realized early that i probably will walk through hell to achieve my goal. i try to learn from every mistake and have also put up a blocker for every possible pornsite i usually visit. also subredits related to porn or nudity

This is the first time i try seriously to stop pmo and get rid of my addiction to porn. in the past i have tried mostly for fun to see how long i can go without looking at porn or masturbating.

thanks for all support and keep fighting the struggle!

26 year old male

LINK – i am now a believer in Nofap effects!

By Lojjsan