Age 26 – Much stronger sense of calm; I connect more with other people; my drumming is better


I had the classic benefits in the first six months – more energy, more focus, more attention from girls etc. But over time more subtle benefits have come in that are ultimately even greater – I have a greater sense of calm; I connect more with other people; I feel more connected to the world in general and have a greater sense of purpose.

I’m pretty sure I look a lot better than I used to, and I’m certain my voice has got deeper. I noticed just generally looking better. Most of all, my body feels more relaxed, and that’s the best thing you could wish for believe me…

When I was using PMO I just felt numb all the time, it was horrible. I also had a really over-arching sense of guilt all the time, although I didn’t realise this until I got clean. I had cycles of flatline/no-flatline for perhaps a year. Not so much any more.

A lot of shit will sometimes appear to come back. That’s because you were previously using PMO to bury all your demons. It’s time to face up to your weaknesses bud! Look deep down at what you think causes your social anxiety; go out of your comfort zone, speak to people you don’t know. The benefits you get are less extreme the longer you stay clean – they’re more subtle stuff like a greater sense of peace and calm, and more connection with your friends and family. Now the benefits are more subtle but ultimately even greater – I have a much stronger sense of calm; I generally connect more with other people; I have a greater feeling of purpose; plus, I took up drums again and have been practising loads and now I’m sick.

[Answers] Definitely medium mode (I don’t have sex much anyway so for me it was basically hard mode). The reason medium is better than easy is because your addiction is basically to the effect of masturbation, which porn makes more extreme. If you stop masturbating, it disrupts the cycle.

People have been noticing a distinct glow in my face since I got clean yes. Height increase – don’t think so. Body flexibility increase – I was a pretty flexible guy anyway so hard to say, but the main physical difference is that I generally feel more relaxed

Concentration increase – yes but only if you stop facebook and dicking around on the internet generally, because this lowers your concentration too. Memory increase – not sure, but probably.

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By peeblicity