Age 26 – My mind feels clearer, More energy, Improved confidence, My interactions are healthier and more genuine


I can confirm the following from rebooting:

  • My mind tends to feel clearer and I have more energy (You can attribute this to going from releasing copious amounts of dopamine in the form of PMO to exploring healthier avenues; working out, reading, and other hobbies).
  • My confidence has improved, indirectly by activities which took place of PMO. As they say, confidence is a prerequisite for success. It doesn’t turn you into this unstoppable force, but it does help you get a better mindset.
  • I still experience urges, but they are healthy: that is, they are directed towards normal sex as opposed to a numbing addiction.
  • My interactions with everyone I meet (regardless of their gender) seem to be healthier and more genuine.
  • The first week or two are the hardest, you will fail but you have to continue persevering. It gets much better.
  • Flatlines can last a long time and affect people differently, but they will pass.
  • Social interactions help tremendously.

I am currently in college, so I think having a roommate who lived in the same room helped my reboot. In general, cold showers can help a lot to control urges. It’s important to remember you should be rebooting for the betterment of yourself, and never get complacent. Do it with the mindset to never watch ‘P’ again.

One last note: I have formed the conclusion that when you reboot, you reach an “equilibrium”. It gives you the opportunity to pursue relevant/productive avenues, but it is up to you to choose those paths.

LINK – 214 Days Hardmode – my observations

by rz73ej