Age 26 – My true self has a chance to shine

[This is about the] return to normality, the way we were when we were born. With all our senses working optimally, our conscience unharmed and without damage to our mental, physical and spiritual self.

All of this in an effort to be the best I can be and lead the best life I can.

As intended, 2015 is the year I become the real me. =). It starts with the intention. Then the strive towards it. Purify your intention and watch how far you go. All the best.

Normality/Sanity is akin to being superhuman in this day and age. This return to normality/sanity has left me no choice but to be a positive person. My true self has a chance to shine. And just by that, I’m able to befriend any and everybody (men and women included) =). I’m an advocate of good and a by-product of that is true happiness. Every human is attracted to true happiness.

Hardmode. I only have wet dreams when I don’t keep my gaze lowered and let my thoughts go astray when I’m out there in public with females around me. Keep your thoughts clean during the day, and nothing will phase you.

Growth happens outside the perceived “comfort zone”. The “uncomfortable” zone is where the magic happens.

Realize that all of the mass-perversion we see in this world is a by-product of media advocating it (starting the 2000’s when computers started booming and pornography had a platform to thrive). Realize that when we see a person (guy or girl) dressed inappropriately, or behaving/thinking perversely (as I used to too), THAT WE ARE/WERE ALL VICTIMS and it’s not anyone’s fault per se. This is not our true self. EVERYONE has a chance to correct and improve themselves.

LINK – 100 days and counting.

by Rocky-Marciano