Age 26 – No longer a sad fuck, 360-degree turnaround


Im doing hardmode for the last 669 days. I had sex twice and a couple of wet dreams. Basically i went from a weak little boy to someone who has passion and purpose in life but still is nowhere near his goals. I feel like porn and masturbation took away little bit over 12 years of my life and only the last year i started to develop into a man again as i once was, before i started these bad habits.

Please feel free to ask me questions if you are in need of advice or encouragement.

I promise everyone who is struggling with porn and masturbation that it gets better as long as you completly abstain and keep a busy schedule. You will be amazed at what you are capable of when your energy isnt consumed by orgasm after orgasm.

Headaches and lower back pain are actually not a thing anymore for me since being maybe 200 days into NoFap. I do feel cramped up energy in my pelvic area, dick, balls whatever… which often ends in a wet dream. Then i feel very relieved and relaxed but my energy level is considerably lower for 1-3 days. Same with having sex. Both times i had sex i came pretty damn fast, it felt mindnumbing good (way more intense then before NoFap) and i kind of slouched around the next 2 days. I feel like i am very conscious of my sexual energy now since i know what it felt like to be completely zapped of it and to be loaded with sexual energy after hundreds of days of not orgasming.

Even in the second year i still experienced flatlining from time to time. In beginning it was hard to deal with, but as my focus shifted away from being sexual and my thougths did not wander around sex 24/7 i managed flatlining much bettee until it became a normal and accepted feeling next to being horny

after 60 days i felt good but it wasnt a consistent feeling. Tbh its not completely consistent as of yet but nowadays i feel much more Grounded and wet dreams or little slip ups in fantasizing do not matter to me anymore.

Female attraction after a long streak is definitly real. Too bad most of the time it ends in a wet dream. I think it is attributed to higher confidence and more manly traits when practising semen retention. I feel way more masculine and kind of dont give if fuck when im 50-60 days without losing semen.

i was suffering from acne basically my whole life. Since beginning of 2017 i am acne free.

I’m pretty sure there is a difference to how woman percieve me. But i feel like it is a combination of things rather then magnetic radiance or pheromones as i have seen those terms used here a lot.

Im 26 and was a sore loser my whole life. I was depressed, weak, lonely and just a sad fuck. My life turned around 360 degrees. I am still not where i want to be though. I aspire to have a strong social circle around me which i never had and is sth that i will work on my whole life probably

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By Muskismyidol