Age 26 – No more PIED or delayed ejaculation. Get morning wood every day. My life has changed amazingly.


This is my post after a year of being clean of PMO. Let me tell u again my story. Until 1 year ago I was technically virgin. (Very low past sexual exp). I started PMO tactically from age 18-19 to 25. (First 2-3 years lower frequency). So. 1 year ago I tried to lose my virginity after I met a beautiful girl. So as you can imagine I couldn’t get up due to my PIED. I went to doctor everything was physically fine.

So after a few days of searching I found YBOP. So this reboot, was seen to be my last hope.

At last I started officially my reboot at 7th January 2017. At first when I started reading articles I noticed that my MW was too weak compared to this one due to my teenage years. Next I could get up with my hands (No imagination No PORN) with 70-80% EQ. So after a month I met again this girl I told her everything about my problem and hopefully she stayed with me.

During this time (first 3 months of Hard Mode) I had ups and downs. Some days shriveled penis some days libido was high. Hopefully first months of my reboot I had a long distance relationship so time was with my side. First Semi success was at day 80-90 (Full Hard Mode), which I had first semi successful sex attempt. I could PIV for 2-3 minutes without ejaculate until I lost my erection. This thing gave me a lot of hope.

After one more month, I saw HUGE improvement. My GF come again to my place for 4-5 days, and I could have sex with her. Yeah I could get up with a little help of manual stimulation but I had sex all these (8-10 sex times). But at this point I couldn’t ejaculate at all. But after this I had a totally Flatline period for about 2-3 weeks. Shriveled cold penis no MW at all.

After this flatline previous scene happened again but I was a little bit worse than previous time. (I could have sex but more poorly than previous time).
So after a month again I saw again a massive improvement. I met again my GF I had sex with her (I could get up easy without anxiety), and I ejaculated inside her using a condom. So the end of this horrible story was near to end.

So after the end of 6 month Hard mode (yeah six month without ejaculate at all) me and my gf decided to live in the same house. So from month 7 until now sex is never a problem for me. From month 7 to month 10-11 I had ups and downs but I could have sex.

From month 10-11 until now ups and downs have stopped. My libido is higher than ever although I feel that I have to see more improvements next years. This problem left me.

I feel that I’m 70-80% cured. I have MW every day. I have no PIED no PIPE no PIDE at all. I can ejaculate as much as I want. (At this point about 10-15 times a month). My life have changed amazingly. 1 year ago I was near to depression and now I living again. It’s not all about sex. It’s about of life quality. Thank you Garry Wilson, Gabe Deem, and 40new30.

At these days I abstain from these forums because I don’t want to be addicted to them. But I wrote this article to inspire you. When I was totally PIED I was needing to read this kind of articles.

So my advises to you:
1) stop PMO forever
2) improve yourself at all. (Study read go to gym learn to love yourself).
3) the most important thing. Without my GF I would never saw this results. She gave me power to do all this thing.
4) Stop searching for answers here. Don’t being addicted to these forums. Live your life. Ignore negative and pessimistic stories
5) Don’t count the days. This is a new lifestyle.

I will be here next days to give you answers to your questions. Good luck. Thank you all. (English is not my natural language so sorry about low quality of my article)

LINK – 1 year clean of PMO.

BY – Serenades



Hi guys. First of all let you know that I’m not being familiar with English language, but also I hope you understand what i want to say. Some words about me.

Now I’m 25 years old. I started masturbating around the age of 13 as the most of us. Generally i never escalated to hard or weird genres of porn.
At first I started mb’ed using my fantasy, next with pics. Internet high speed porn entered my life last 5 years.
From the age of 13 until now I’m mb’ed daily with frequency 1-2 (sometimes) 3 a day. In my teenage years I’ve never got a gf because I was very shy to girls and very fat. Most of my friends have a lot of gf’s and that was a thing that putting me in pressure, anxiety and stress. At the age of 20 i lost my weight and I start shown normal looked. But i was still shy with girls cause I had complex about my zero sex experience with girls.

So the worst are here.

I have made several attempts to start my sex life with hookers but guess what. Almost failure. All of these years i was thought that failure was about anxiety etc etc. Before a month a girl approached me she said that she is like me and everything seems to get fine.
One night we got out at a bar for a drink, and then i went to her house starting kissing etc etc.. And guess what happened again

Although my failure se didn’t seem to have an issues. (I told her that i have anxiety I need time etc etc..)
The good is that we are in a daily contact. I also have to notice that we live in different cities. So I have a little more time to fix my issues as is possible to..

So after the last failure I’m absolutely depressed scared and I feel that my life is a disaster and I have no hope for the future. I didn’t visit yet an urologist but I have to in next days. But I don’t think I have organic problems because when I’m alone I can perform.

Now I have to face a lot of issues.
-social isolation
-I can’t communicate with my friend, family cause of my stress.
-I feel helpless
-Very scared

And I’m scared what will be happening if I meet again this girl.

So after hours of searching I finally found YBOP and I realize that there are more other peoples that have same symptoms as me.

So I have 10 days I started hard mode. No porn no MB

I’m very motivated to solve this issues. I have no problem and no temptation so far to return to PMO because I really want to restore my brain.