Age 26 – PIED cured along with severe fatigue and muscle pain


I started watching porn at 11 ~ 2001. wired my brain solely to porn. escalated etc. had first sexual encounter with a girl and was 100% dead(this year). Dick didn’t work at all. Embarrassing to say the least. It scared me how f**ked my brain was – my brain had spent the past 10years+ wiring to screens and porn. It felt like my brain didn’t even know what real sex was.

Anyway… I’ve been clean from porn since march. not completely MO free. 1-3 week streaks. But i’m cured now. I would like to add that I’ve been trying to quit porn for a long time and drastically cut down since 2014.

I just thought i would share some insights.

One night stands or rushing into sex is probably the worst thing you can do when you have PIED. When you make sex about being able to perform it increases the chances of you failing to get it up. It can be a very dangerous cycle of overthinking and can keep you going back to porn to check you still work. stop thinking about the ‘act’ of sex and focus on healing yourself.

You need to find somebody that you genuinely like and understands your situation. Someone where you have no pressure to ‘perform’ – where it’s more than just sex. When you find somebody like this and you can spend your time kissing, hugging and just interacting – every encounter is wiring your brain back to how it should be.

THIS IS IMPORTANT. if you’re like me and never had sex, you could do no PMO for 2 years and still have PIED – the most IMPORTANT thing to do to recover is to REWIRE your brain in real sex.

I really fucked up my brain with escalation, PIED, no sex or encounters with women throughout puberty… I recovered and so can you.

I changed my life from a chronically ill(ME/CFS/fibro… potential lyme disease), hermit with SEVERE social anxiety( i never left my house), gamer to going to college, girlfriend, lost 40lbs of fat etc all whilst doing nofap.

Nofap doesn’t change your life, it’s just one piece of the puzzle towards bettering yourself. Change your life and your future self will be thanking you.

One last thing for all you people trying to quit. I know it’s difficult to see it whilst you’re in the midst of it, but it’s worth a shot…

Would you pull up a chair and watch people have sex in person? because that’s what porn is. I never thought about it like that until i quit.

I have a youtube channel dedicated to recovering from my health issues that spanned 8 years (severe fatigue, muscle/joint pain etc, severe social anxiety) and nofap videos now and again. I don’t know if i’m allowed to link it here but if you want i can !


My tips for [shorter][ flatlines: Eat healthy af, stop playing video games, stop watching tv, movies etc. taking time away from technology allows your dopamine receptors to become sensitive more quickly too. Like everyone else says, cold showers, walking, weights (I personally prefer bodyweight with a weighted vest, i get a much better workout), socialising etc… Basically live in the moment and choose the healthy choice everytime, this really helps with recovery. If you all you want to do is avoid porn by playing video games, watching netflix and replacing porn with other stimulating activities then expect shitty results and year long flatlines

by the way… I’ve been looking at this forum since it had under 10k followers. I used to watch reuniting forums for any of you that know that. It’s been a struggle but i’m over it.

LINK – PIED gone. The most important thing to do to recover PIED

By MangoManOKAY