Age 26 – PIED cured: Regaining charisma & focus, Much more confidence

A FEW POSTS by FurtherDriven

I can’t believe this! (My success story!)

I’ll keep it short. Started NoFap about a year ago, had my ups and downs, relapses, etc. but never gave up. Slowly gained my superpowers and now I’m talking to this gorgeous girl I work with (about to get into a relationship with her) who’s head over heels for me!

I feel invincible, yet humble. Thank you, NoFap community! 🙂

Thanks, man! I’m a 26 year old male, been fapping since I was around 10, fapped at least 4 times a day and had developed PIED. I’ve managed to have sex before, but it was never enjoyable.

Like I said, I started NoFap around a year ago. I had a few month long streaks and a lot of 3 week streaks. I know it doesn’t sound great, but people here always seem to forget that just because you relapse doesn’t mean you lose all progress! It also helped that I filled my schedule with things to do (Work out, clean my house, read books, use brain training apps on my phone, etc.) I slowly gained my charisma and focus, started carrying myself with much more confidence and before I knew it, I was getting some awesome attention from the opposite sex!


Too many posts and comments have been popping up trying to push a particular brand of morality. No thanks. I’m not trying to affiliate myself with any kind of cult. I’ll continue to abstain from PMO, but I’m also going to continue fucking different girls and having a good time. What everyone (seemingly) here fails to realize is that you can fuck girls… AND respect them! GASP I know, shocking, right?

So… Thanks for the superpowers and curing my PIED! Now I’m off to enjoy the life I want to live, which is what I thought the whole point of this subreddit was…

Later, nerds.