Age 26 – PIED & DE cured: I’m getting hard in no time at all, with lots of sensitivity & reaching orgasm is no problem


So I’m about to reach 30 days porn free for the first time in a very long time and it feels good. I’ve been on the road to recovery since November 2015, two years ago. My consumption of porn dramatically dropped since then but I’ve still many many setbacks and binges.

During that time I have had no sexual encounters until just a few weeks ago. I’ve always had this attitude of ‘I’m not ready to approach anyone until I’m completely cured, just in case I can’t perform’. This attitude has really held me back from trying to meet anyone.

I should say though, that for some people it might be better to stay away from relationships until after a prolonged period of recovery but for some others maybe not. All I can say is that I have been lucky enough to meet an incredible woman and things have actually managed to work out just fine.

I can safely say that I am being rewired for real intimacy. In the past I had huge difficulties with PIED and PIDE. My penis effectively felt numb during sex. Has anyone else experienced this?

Now I’m getting hard in no time at all, with lots of sensitivity and reaching orgasm with her is no problem.

I hope my experience gives hope to others out there going through the same thing. Giving up porn definitely improves your capacity for intimacy and will be better for both you and your partner.

LINK – Success – no more PIED or PIDE!

by sunshine_rec0rder