Age 26 – PIED: Fairly quick cure!

Same story as everyone else

26 years old pied from age 18 used to fap 2 times a day to porn

Day 1, I brought a girl home from the bar wednesday despite knowing I may have ED issues. I did, something in my head told me “this is the last fucking time, I will stay true to nofap”

Day 5 Invited a tinder girl over, got a morning wood this day. She came over and even though I was nervous I got like a 50 percent boner and was able to get her off but I could not get off

Day 8 Tinder girl comes back this time I had like a 70 percent boner and I got her off twice and was able to make myself finish

Day 14 I go back home on vacation and the first night back I brought a girl home from downtown, even though I was drunk I was at like 70 percent boner and we had decent sex (this almost never happened before streak)

Day 18 Hit up a girl that I had sex with when I was like 16 take her out for a couple beers end up going to her place and I was really really hard, havent seen my dick like that in a long time

Day 30ish-35ish a new tinder girl comes over on around day 30 and I got a diamond hard boner and destroyed her.. weird thing is after cumming I was able to fuck again like 20 min after that. She literally came back every night that week and it was super fun but she got annoying

Holy shit guys, thank you so much! I used to run from sex and now I chase it down at every oppurtunity. I am truly fixed. In addition to nofap I want to throw out that on like day 2 I started taking ZMA at night and 3grams of garlic extract with 3 grams of vitamin C every morning.

LINK – PIED rapid cure!

by lvl7troll