Age 26 – PIED, low desire – Health problems resolving, increased confidence, glowing skin, rock hard erections


I’m 26, male and live within the UK. I don’t watch porn or masturbate anymore and I haven’t for the last 9 months. The benefits are obvious. How? There was no eureka moment and/ or special method.

The biggest influence, without a doubt, is having a partner who I have sex with almost daily. I’m committed to her and we’re expecting a child.

Secondly, I believe being generally busy is an obvious distraction from PMO.

General comments

I became aware that PMO was causing serious adverse physical and mental effects on me many years ago, during those years I’ve struggled against PMO; counting streaks, reading about other mens experiences on this subreddit, yourbrainonporn and wherever else my google research took me. toxic.

As it turns out. Officially ‘quitting’ since March has been effortless. There is no struggle against PMO anymore. I don’t think about it, I don’t miss it and if I was to watch some pornography now, it wouldn’t arouse me.

The knlowedge that PMO will only cause dissatisfaction and is a pathetic, BETA method of trying to derive the pleasure and bonding that can be experienced from having sex with a beautiful woman is etched into my mind. Finally.

Adverse effects of my PMO habit

  • Erectile dysfunction since 20
  • Low sex drive since 20
  • Chronic sleep problems (waking up during the night) since 20
  • Chronic buttock acne since 13
  • Anxiety and depression since 18

Don’t doubt this process

Many people consider NoFap to be something radical and the testaments to how much NoFap has changed peoples lives to be farfetched or that the ‘benefits’ people are claiming to experience are wrongly attributed to NoFap. Fair enough. But if you know, you know. There is no going back.

In my case, the numerous benefits: health problems resolving, increased cofidence, glowing skin, rock hard erections, amazing feelings from being around beautiful women, being amongst nature, listening to your favorite songs – AKA superpowers. ARE REAL.

If a so called well-informed, rational and intelligent person assessed my story. It would be impossible to prove to them that PMO caused the problems I listed above and quitting resolved those problems and improved my life in other ways.

Oh well. I know what I know and I have adopted an ACTION mindset from hereon. Debating or trying to prove yourself to others not worthy is a futile act that I’m happy to say I’ve given up too.

My tips to you

Imagine in your mind, the perfect version of you. Strive to be that person.

Be masculine: take action, be responsible, don’t complain or whine, get physically strong and fit, constantly learn/ analyse

LINK – 9 months without PMO – life changed totally

By gothroughit