Age 26 – PIED: More confident, talkative & social, I feel more love, Smiling all the time, Never intimidated or afraid, Sleep better


TL;DR 26y/o male, tried and failed for 2 years finally at 90 days. The changes are listed and numbered below. Overall feel amazing with still some flatlines and brain fogginess but overall having an amazing time doing it! Don’t feel ready for sex yet but I’m getting there.

Background: 26 y/o male, been trying for 2 years to get to where I am, and finally 90 days. my porn addiction flared up during a bad relationship and had PIED after 4 months of dating my ex girlfriend, I Always had DE for years but always managed to have good fulfilling sex until I was 24. Started PMOing 3-4 times daily at some point and that’s when I had decided to stop. How I felt during that time:

  1. Constant Anxiety even when I’m alone.
  2. Never able to speak my mind for fear of rejection.
  3. a door mat that everyone could walk on.
  4. no feelings or emotions at all.
  5. easily intimidated.
  6. depressed.
  7. Intense brain fog.
  8. fear of socialising.
  9. overall being average/unremarkable and seeking attention from any female that crosses my path, to feel better about myself.

Nofap is in no way a magic bullet, it took a lot of work and a lot of willpower to get to 90 days but, here’s how I feel.

  1. More confident.
  2. Speak my mind more often.
  3. Nobody can mess with me (lost a lot of friends that way, but friends I didn’t need).
  4. I feel love towards my family and more caring, also more anger and agitation when I don’t like something.
  5. Never intimidated or afraid.
  6. Happy most days. 
  7. Clear headed most of the time.
  8. Social and smiling all the time.
  9. Loved by my coworkers and I do 16 hour shifts at a go without tiring.
  10. Sleep improved after a long period of insomnia.
  11. Girls are more interested in me as a person (hadn’t had problems in the past) but now it’s a whole different level. I fill the room up when I walk in and I just give out a good energy and definitely more talkative.
  12. Eye contact ..INTENSE!! Almost got me in trouble.

Well not much to say, it’s a huge change. I had sex but experienced some PE at day 40ish, I think it was too soon and I still think so, so I’m not pursuing anything sexual yet! I believe I need a longer time to reboot completely. Hopefully at 120 days but if it takes longer I’m willing to go for it and that’s what counts.

LINK – 90 Days!! and counting

by Thenumber66