Age 26 – PIED: My story on how nofap changed my life

I’ll try to keep it short but it probably won’t be. My whole life until now at 26 I had been getting it so wrong.

I found porn when I was 13 years old and it was my first sexual experience, I also started fairly hard as my first orgasm came to bukkake porn.

At this stage I was already hooked, and it would stay this way for over 10 years. The problems from this were huge but I didn’t make the connection until about 6 months ago.

My “sexuality” became 100% tied to porn, real girls did very little for me and the idea of real sex was just not important, as a result of this I think my behaviour confused and scared a lot of women off, I must have given off some weird, sexless asexual vibe. I always wanted a relationship but didn’t see sex as important, I mean porn met all of my needs, was convenient, I didn’t need a woman for that. But I did accept that sex was an inevitability in a relationship.

Well it never got that far with a woman, I couldn’t attract one, tbh I barely ever tried. I was actually given opportunity to have sex a few times but turned it down because I “wanted more than just sex”

Everything was messed up and it got to the point that porn was just a routine; I didn’t even enjoy it anymore and was constantly looking for harder and weirder genres. When I started to get ED even with porn I decided something had to change.

I went into nofap not expecting much, tbh I just wanted to be able to not have ED

Anyway my progress on nofap has been nothing short of a miracle. Within one week of nofap I started to see changes, such as getting hard if I see a woman bend over, see women sexually, have a sex drive, not thinking about weird fetishes etc.

Within one month I was at a party and talking to a girl, and I had so much more confidence, and I could feel myself wanting to have sex, I had this drive and desire, it was overwhelming and any fears I had didn’t matter, it was like “I need this”

I lost my virginity that night and had sex with her a few more times, and then laying in bed one time she asked me to be her boyfriend….

Sex matters for getting a relationship… Who knew?

These days I’m so much happier, there are other benefits like better sleep, more confidence but for me it was getting a real sexuality that changed me.

If you are on the fence, give it a try, I swear by it, internet porn is toxic

LINK – My story on how nofap changed my life

by Infern0121