Age 26 – (PIED) Normal sex is pretty great now

I’m 26, Male. Porn was getting in the way of actual productivity some days, I started watching stuff that made me feel uneasy or weird later (sexual desensitization), I experienced PIED and sexual performance issues.

I don’t waste any time watching porn which is great. I have reduced sexual dysfunction issues, though still present now and then. Normal sex is pretty great now.

I was so fed up, I simply stopped. I have nearly no desires to watch porn at all. I think those that make a concrete decision to stop regardless of the outcome are much more likely to “succeed” than those that “want to try pornfree”. I think those of us who have stuck with it for a reasonable amount of time are happy we did.

I am joyful, not happy. Some days suck. It’s okay to not be happy. It’s just about remaining even keeled in those turbulent times.

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By Riggzz