Age 26 – PIED: Succesful sex. Still have sensitivty issues. Started 30 months ago.

I’ve finally reached 90 days. I have to be clear that it wasn’t a completely clean one as I peaked at erotic pictures few times and O’ed to naked picture twice during the 90 days.

However, I don’t believe in all-or-nothing so I never ended up binging.

Here are my thoughts:

Overall, I’ve changed my lifestyle and able to live a life without PMO. I had been living a life where PMO was a daily thing since 14 (26 now) so this is a huge change.

I had sex 3 times with mostly success. I think I still have sensitivity issue but I believe that will improve as I continue this new lifestyle.

I encourage everyone to continue your journey and don’t be hard on yourself even if you slip. When you have an open attitude, you won’t end up in a binging cycle.

Good luck to everyone.

LINK – My 90-day Result

BY – lesliejohnson


EARLIER POST – My Daily Journal

Hi all,

I first learned about PMO in Dec 2012.  I tried several reboot attempts but never fully followed through.

Now, I’ve decided to restart my PMO reboot and make it into a permanent, indefinite NO FAP challenge.

So far, I’m on day 8 of No Porn, No FAP. I’ve done some fantasizing but stopped after I realized it is harmful.

Here are my day 8 observations:

1. Temptation is everywhere. When I see a tempting pixel of a woman, I had to tell myself “NO!” and quickly go to a different page. The woman doesn’t even have to be half naked or wearing sexy clothing. Any attractive female even with clothing are very tempting to click on. I know I have to resist even the most innocent picture because it will lead me down to the PMO rabbit-hole before I realize it.

2. PMO was used to self-medicate. When I felt stress at work or with my personal life, I used PMO to escape from the stress.

3. PMO was used to eliminate boredom. I would always browsing for new porn. Seeing what’s new out there. When I cut off PMO, one of the biggest challenges is the lack of new things to look for. I felt somewhat lost without the constant novelty.

From time to time, I do feel sad about having to give up porn and all those good feelings associated with it. For someone who is not very good with women, PORN seems to be only source to get remotely close to unattainable women. I’m still struggling with this point so if anyone has a good defence against it, please let me know.