Age 26 – So this is how my face changed over 3 months on NoFap


Hi guys! After making up to 26 days in May, and relapsing like shit for almost a month, I am now in my second best streak which is 21 days.

A lot of things have changed during this time; I was really low and hopeless, was forcing smiles but was deep sad inside. I suffered from anxiety, I even collapsed in public and was trembling during conversations. My voice was really low and actually I sounded like a pussy. I was always sleepy, could sleep 10 hours or even an entire day and feel restless when waking up.

During NoFap, I started swimming, walking, running and working out a lil bit when I have the time and actually LOVED it. I had no interest before and was questioning myself what the hell was wrong with me. I nearly stopped smoking as well and stamina and skin are better, I feel rejuvenated.

I’m currently in a flatline from day 1, but the superpowers are real. I’m getting more attention in places like club, streets… People I knew before act different on me and it feel quite amazing. I get more respect from them, even with other guys. They are more tactile and a girl I knew was actually rubbing my muscles the other night in club. I couldn’t stop laughing, I am just not used to it but it felt real good :’) Girls are initiating conversations, asking for directions or just for a lighter.

So here is a picture of my face before and after:

My facial structure has changed to become more manly, my chubby face is gone and my smile is back naturally. This shit literally drained my happiness and made me look unattractive and like a piece of shit during all these years.

NoFap waked me up and made me understand that life can be good and that there are so many things to discover and know in our world. Guys, be strong and don’t give up! You can get through this and actually live the life that was given to you, it’s totally worth it.

I’ve just turned 26. I used porn for +15 years. For other benefits basically everything NoFap [claims quitting] has to offer, no joke. (view is less blurry, brain fog, toned up muscles etc.)

EDIT: I was thinking that I could share with you some natural medics which are helping me going through the flatline with a better mood. I don’t know if I can, but let’s go, it’s called Zenphorol and it’s working like a charm guys.

EDIT 2: Some people say that I’m looking better because of my smile, so let me break this by uploading another pic of me smiling before NoFap:

LINK – So this is how my face changed over 3 months on NoFap

by nesmiiith