Age 26 – Stay busy

I think I can finally say I am cured… I am not saying I don’t get the urges, but the key is to look away as soon as possible, not go deep into the fantasies and most importantly, no touching, surely I don’t recomment edging: (1) easy to relapse (2) the blue balls effect is not pleasant or worth it. I can say that what helps a lot is that I keep myself busy with other things at all times (even when working on a PC alone in my room I rather practice a foreign language or do something useful).

I still like to read the stories and comments on here, but I feel like this is my last post…

So long and thanks for all the fish…

Some people like to say all the benefits are just lies and placebo, some say that porn addiction is not at all similar to other physical addictions that are common (nictotin, alcohol), which can be true, but it is still addiction.

The truth is, my life became much less worrisome (the way we search for a moment alone in a flat with other people, for example, the way they will get on your nerves and you just wish they left at least for a while so you could masturbate, this is a true symptom of addiction, would you not agree?)

I also have more free time to do what I like to do, that makes me/the world better (even a half an hour a day is a nice increase for a busy person)

To answer your question, I am 26, still virgin, I believe in God (to some who don’t want to believe, I am sorry, but to me, it helps a lot, really) I just finished my university (I moved away from my parents and family at 19), have been working full time for almost a year now, trying to find my SO to have a family as soon as possible (life is too short and I’ve been enjoying myself enough during studies)… I realized this would not be possible if I stayed on PMO, it truly **** up your brain after a while, you need more hardcore stuff, more fantasies. Apart from that, you avoid people, and even when I got to talk to some nice girls, I was never really unhappy when I got rejected as I had my backup life in my room, you know what I mean? This had to stop. And it did. Thankfully…

good luck on your way there and bon courage

LINK – [My last post here] I am cured; thank you for support.

By heitman