Age 26 – Stronger erections, Improved performance at work, Increase in confidence, More energy


I actually wanted to post this when I got to 90 days but I’ve been so busy lately moving out from my parents into my own house. I suppose getting into triple digits is another milestone in a way. I’m glad I have got to this point in doing NoFap before I started living on my own though because now I feel much more in control dealing with urges.

Since my last post after 60 days, I think the main positive change I have seen is my performance at work. I’ve had some difficult times in the job I’m in which has prevented me from progressing within the company. This had then led me to become very unhappy in my current role because I didn’t see any way forward and I knew I couldn’t get another job until my house was sorted so I was stuck in limbo. I just stopped caring about my job and basically did the bare minimum each day. It got so bad that I even stopped talking to my colleagues. All I wanted to do was to get in and out of the office as quick as possible. My manager picked up on this and we had a meeting where he raised his concerns about my attitude and performance. He gave me an ultimatum that if things didn’t improve, I was out. This seemed to be the kick up the ass that I needed because since then things have massively improved. I don’t believe I would have been able to make this positive change if I hadn’t got to this point in NoFap. Before I would have probably panicked and continued to struggle before getting fired or just leaving. I’m still looking for another job but at least I know I’m secure in the job I have as long as I keep working hard.

My confidence has improved greatly from when I first started my recovery. I can certainly notice it when I walk or when I talk to people.

I also feel like I have a lot more energy and will to get things done. Now that I’m living on my own, I have more responsibilties and tasks to do on a daily basis but I just get these done without even thinking about it and without trying to put them off like I would have done before.

My erections have continued to get stronger and I am noticing that I am getting them randomly sometimes now, not just when I fantasise briefly. Morning wood has made an appearance every now and then.

I know there is probably more that I have missed or haven’t realised but I couldn’t be happier with the progressive I have made so far. I never ever thought I would get this far but here I am.

I just want to continue on this same path for the rest of my life now. I know there is still more to come and I don’t feel like I’ve fully rebooted yet. I never want to PM again though and I only want to O with a real woman. I’m going to try to continue posting on here as well but I’m no longer going to post milestones anymore. 90 days was my starting target as it is for a lot of people but I now I just want to focus on meaningful successes.

This journey is not about how many times you fall, it’s about how many times you get back up and keep moving forward. We will all win in the end!


  • Passed 90 days
  • Improved performance at work
  • Increase in confidence
  • More energy
  • Stronger erections

LINK – Day 100 – Third big milestone passed

by MyFuture


INITIAL POST: at 30 days

So I started browsing this website and the subreddit since I started my latest (and hopefully final) recovery attempt. Since I have now passed the 30 day mark I thought I would write my first post about my experience so far in the hope that I can continue to help myself as well as helping other people.


I am a 26 year old male that has been PMO’ing for roughly 12-14 years. From when I first started, my need for PMO increased to the point where some days I would PMO 5 or 6 times a day. I have never been the best around women and struggled to attract them mainly due to being shy and anxious around them. The lack of interest from women would then lead me to PMO.

I have been trying to get over this addiction for about 2-3 years now. The best streak I have ever had has been 56 days. Other than that it has been streaks ranging from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. I started trying to get over my addiction during my last relationship (which was my first proper relationship) where I realised that I suffered from PIED. Looking back I feel really bad because my now ex-girlfriend would get upset because she thought the fact that I couldn’t get an erection at times was because of her like she wasn’t attractive enough. At first I thought that there was something wrong with me physically (I even went to the doctors) until one day I randomly stumbled upon something that explained the effects of P and M. I then realised that this is what was affecting me but I never plucked up the courage to tell her and tried to fight it alone.

Progress so far

As I have previously mentioned, I have tried getting over this addiction many times before but this time it feels different. I just feel that this could be the time when I finally beat it and get to a point where I fully reboot. I now feel better equipped than ever to fight this because every time I have relapsed I have made a change that will prevent me from relapsing again. I have identified my weak moments and taken steps to stop myself from being in those situations. I have goals such as being PMO free up and until I move out from my parents’ house and into my own house in June. I’m hoping this will then help me to not PM when I live on my own.

I have been in flatline since Day 1 which for me has meant that things have been fairly easy so far as I have had no urges to PMO. I know a lot of people get scared by the flatline but I have tried to embrace it. I have had sexual thoughts come into my mind which has led to me getting an erection but they have mainly been when I have gone to bed on a night after playing sports and I have quickly got rid of the thoughts.

I also haven’t noticed many of the benefits yet that people say they have noticed. Some days I am confident, other days not so much. I have had some slight interest from women which I am hoping will continue. I have had no wet dreams or morning wood yet either.
I believe this is because I have been getting through the initial PMO withdrawal symptoms. I have had mood swings and some days felt lethargic with little energy. I also experienced some anxiety which has now pretty much gone.

I think I have covered everything and I hope to post further progress in the future.

Keep fighting, we will all succeed in the end!