Age 26 – The significance of this journey is unfathomable


90 days, after 4 years of trying. Long and well-worth it journey. I know I will never watch porn again, or do anything that goes against my sexual values. Instrumental in my success:

1) – Joining nofap. Learned allot of necessary information, like brain plasticity, dopamine, and the “rat paradise experiment”

I also stumbled upon this site (from someone’s 90day report), and worked through all 73 lessons:

Seems like a lot, but it is worth it.

2) – Leaving nofap: I deleted my old account, once you have the valuable information from this site, in my opinion, staying on it hurts you more than it helps. There is a ton of bullshit and negativity on it. There is a ton of ego driven things. You are fighting your ego when you embark on nofap, building it up in anyway will only hurt your chances of breaking free of these heavy chains.

3) – Spiritual practice: whatever religion you are part of, if you practice your rituals (or prayers or meditations etc.) they will help you immensely. I would have never been able to do what I have done without a spiritual practice, I know that 100% Moreover, this aspect is and was most integral.

I am 26, used porn probably since I was 13.

Benefits… freedom! No benefit bigger than that. But well, you don’t feel that crappy remorse feeling. Voice has a better quality to it. Have more energy… Fetish seems to have disappeared. More respect for women. I could go on and on.

Good luck brothers and sisters, and thanks to all of you for embarking on this journey, the significance of which is unfathomable.

LINK – 90 Days, after 4years of trying

by Diplomats88