Age 26 – Virgin with PIED: Had sex with good erection (condom) and came

I want to share a success story! I am a 26 year old virgin and have had a severe porn addiction problem. I last watched porn on May 11, 2015. I have been clean for 172 days.

No PMO very few peeks at porn/nude images (negligible).

For the first 85 days of my reboot I was clean other than a night fall [wet dream]. I MOed around day 80. And since then I have 3-4 orgasms a month (MO/Strip Club Lap dance)……I just got laid now….I was able to maintain an erection using a condom and managed to come.

This was my first time and I am happy that years of porn use though have made things difficult; by staying clean we can achieve success. However the sensation in my penis was less than masturbation generally brings…But things were good….

I was really scared I would not be able to get it up! So all the Porn users out there trying to quit, Keep at it! Things will get better!

I am attaching my spreadsheet below. Jan, Feb, Mar i spent binge watching porn…Lost track of PMOs……..

April went clean, relapsed in May…and have been clean since May…..

LINK – Heavy Porn user….Clean for 6 months….Had sex first time in life…..Did well

BY – WiseCoyote