Age 27 – Anxiety way down, more magnetic, effortless conversation


I’m 27 years old, started masturbating when I was 12. I have all the superpower’s people claim and I expect to have them with the hard work I’ve put in:

-More energy, magnetic attraction, effortless conversation, confidence

-avoid conflict but still remain alpha

-focused, losing sports don’t phase me, I still have fun either way.

-enough willpower to add new positive habits every month

-anxiety GONE, maybe from a wopping 50-70% down to 2-5%

Just a few tips that will get you far and prevent you from slipping. Even though I am early in the journey I can tell you that I’m going all the way this time. I will list some major tips that will eliminate fapping from your life once and for all. After I applied all these tips to my journey this time around, I feel like a KING a perfectly functioning human being that is unstoppable. Nothing will stop me from achieving my goals including girls (the distraction type not the soulmate type, the soul mate will show once you’re ready).

Key tips to success:

-Gotta have a BIG “WHY?” whats your why? if you don’t have a big why other that getting girls to like you, you will fail. If its just that you want to get out of the addiction, you will fail. you need a BIG WHY! a WHY so big that will kill any urges the moment you connect to that head space and remember WHY you are on this hero journey. Write it down if need be and wake up to it and meditate on it.

-What are the words you’ve never heard and wanted someone you love to say to you. someone in the past. Here’s the secret find those words it may be: “I love you” “you are worthy” “you are beautiful” or it may be “I’m sorry I withheld my love” “Please forgive me for hurting you”. Your subconscious mind does not differentiate if the words are coming from you or someone else. You can tell those words to yourself and it can heal a lot of the pain you go through. What are the words you need to hear from someone? and tell it out loud to the innocence of your heart.

-Declare to your self that this action is not part of your identity any longer and PMO is non existent in your new world. There is no DAYS to count. It is simply NOT PART OF YOUR LIFE ANY MORE. IT DOES NOT BELONG IN YOUR STORY ANY MORE. DECLARE IT OUT LOUD IF YOU NEED TO.

-Calm your nervous system down and take care of yourself MORE OFTEN: -your body is in a constant sympathetic, catabolic, fight flight state and you’re not getting enough rest and sleep. you’re pushing too hard and not relaxing enough. your job is to tap into parasympathetic, rest digest, anabolic states, so you can integrate and function properly. if you don’t youre bound to relapse as its your bodys and minds way of getting you to slow down and reset and put you in a demotivated state so you sleep more and rest more. so SLOW DOWN, meditate, breath deeper, stop the drugs including coffee, sleep early and increase duration to (8-10hrs), (avoid screens,video games, music, TVs, phones, social media, pictures,) walk in nature, get a massage, be ok with doing nothing if you had a productive day .allow your nervous system to unwind and relax and feel safe so your body and mind can rebuild itself resulting in you being reborn. if you don’t you’re bound to snap and relapse even if youre on a 2 year streak. self care is key to victory.

-The key to success in life is a sum of all the little things done right with consistency, persistence and discipline. Get your shit together in all aspects of life, nofap is just the doorway, the beginning. Its the super catapult that will launch you leaps and bounds into your highest destiny beyond your wildest imagination but that catapult doesn’t launch until you pull it back first (period of darkness and difficulty) and do the work to load it up with your best habits, actions and intention. You gotta get that catapult loaded and heavy as fuck to launch you far out into the stars.

-COLD SHOWERS nuff said

TLDR: With a little bit of self love, self care,BIG WHY? and a bunch of actions done right, you will succeed. NOW GO BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF RIGHT NOW. NOT TOMORROW OR IN A MINUTE. RIGHT NOW IS THE TIME!

LINK –Some tips from Day 27 (previous streak 45) been at it for 4 years. It will get you FAR!

by riverofthoughts