Age 27 – Best sex of my life, can now confront my anxieties


I’m 27, was watching porn since 11 or 12. I realised porn was messing me up mentally since about November last year and tried giving it up without even knowing about nofap. Went for 2 week stints here and there but lost my way until about a month and a half ago when a friend told me about nofap. Other benefits it’s bringing up is its helping me to confront my anxieties and depression instead of going into avoidance by fapping.

I’m still not up the point where I can go up to a girl in public and start a convo but I met a girl on tinder and we met up for a date… ive done this countless times before but something about this was different. I was more confident, able to bring up sexual conversation without coming off as seedy or needy, it’s was flirtatious and fun because that’s what sex is… something fun to do with another person, and talking about it and joking about it With a woman on a date is fun.

My mind state behind it wasn’t trying to get laid, it was to have fun and get to know a woman for who she is. So first date we got a drink and talked, it went well, then while we were texting before the 2nd date she we continued the sexual conversation where it was pretty much on.. again just having fun.

Met up at at her place and basically took me straight to her room. We talked for a bit and usually.. i would be totally nervous about making the first move, I would get all in my head strategise a first move or not end up doing it. This time i just went for it, being a man about it.

Won’t go into detail about the rest… nofap is helping me to see sex in a healthy way, about making a connection with the person that pleasing the other person is sometimes more fun than just getting off.

I did [come faster] but I also told her about nofap before all this so that helped. 2nd round lasts longer

I’ll get mysoginistic/sexualised thoughts come into my head and I’ll catch myself out and say ‘dude, you’re being an asshole’ and go from there. Its getting better but im Hoping it’s gonna get better as time goes on

LINK –  Day 39 – had best sex of my life

By fawske3n