Age 27 – DE completely gone, erections still recovering


Long time fan here, always admired the group but this is my first go at it – doing about 45 days or so without any PMO. I can confirm what everyone says, and the results are AMAZING. Probably better than most drugs that people waste their lives and money on.

I am though a bit confused about being intimate with my girlfriend. Here’s the deal: sometimes she dresses up in lingerie for sex, and all is well. But, and this is what gets me, is lingerie/dress-up sex/cumming on her a kind of relapse? Because think about it, situations like that with a girlfriend, you’re basically roleplaying a porn movie. It is not something you can expect every day, or with every partner. Do you think I should try to not have sex like, and keep it more casual, or as long as it’s natural and real life it’s good?

I should also note that I had most of the negative effects of long-term PMO – severe ED, DE, brainfog, lack of motivation etc. The good thing is that my DE is complete gone, but at 45 days NoFap, my erections are about 50-60% of what they should normally be, so I still have a long way to go and I’m worried if this kind of stuff can delay/prohibit my improvements.

I’m 27, but started PMO when I was about 12, and never stopped until 45 days ago. Probably never missed a day, my record is 11 times in 24 hours, with a daily average of 3-5 times :/

I started becoming impotent when I was 16 and had begun using Viagra from the age of 21, otherwise, I could be with a girl but never achieve penetration. Did blood tests and all that, even visited a psychiatrist since the doctor wouldn’t prescribe me Viagra due to my age 😀 Everything came back great, and I was completely devasted.

Looking back now, I can’t believe how I never read about NoFap or YBOP or the info you sent in the other link, it makes COMPLETE sense.

Even if I’m not yet having full erections, they are still much better, as previously I couldn’t even have sex without a 50mg Viagra dose, so even 50-60% is something I could never achieve. Flaccid size is also much better.

I imagine that due to my long-term exposure and beginning at the earliest age possible, it’s going to take me 6-9 months to heal. But either way, I never plan to PMO ever again, so I don’t mind.

Other main benefits I could list is that I feel much more clear-headed – not in a euphoric sense, but like in a properly “manly” way to call it. I’m much more in tune with my emotions/thoughts and can more easily know if something is a problem, if something needs fixing, when to be assertive etc.

Previously I was very procrastination-prone, but now I would ashamed to even think about procrastination.

In some ways, and I’m not exagerating thing, but I feel like I’m 16 again, full of energy and optimism. As the years went by, I always wondered why every year I feel worse and worse, I thought I had some very bad genetics, but turns out I was fapped out of my mind lol.

I can also definitely feel my executive function improving – lot’s of other minor addictions/vices I had are slowly being removed from my life. I’ve tried to previously stop them, but never could. Now – it’s pretty much a breeze.

Here are just some stuff I removed/changed in just 45 days NoFap:

– Stopped drinking diet coke (previously up to 2L a day!)

– Stopped eating all processed food, junk food, trans fats and simple sugars (switched to fruit and veggies, as well as healthy fats and protein – all home made).

– Starting lifting and exercising (used to this in my youth but stopped)

– Deleted all porn I ever had (10+ years collection, over 335GB)

– Deleted most of the video games I had, especially addicting RPG/MMO games. – Limited my amount of internet surfing and basically wasting time by about half of what I previously did.

So yeah, NoFap is probably my best investment in a long time 😀

LINK – Question about NoFap and being with a partner

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