Age 27 – ED & delayed ejaculation: Success after 4 weeks. Continue to improve

I’ve recently determined I have PIED. As part of this, I’ve never been able to cum with a partner without basically masturbating during intimacy to get me close to orgasm. I would also have to concentrate on porn/porn-style scenarios to stay erect.

It’s been a month of no pornography (and also no fapping, for now). Anyway last night, for the first time ever, I was able to orgasm just after a minute or two of oral. Sure, my stamina wasn’t great haha, but being able to orgasm without having to assist at all is a big victory for me. I also lived in the moment and just concentrated on sensation and the hot girl I was with.

I don’t consider myself cured from PIED but I am convinced I’ve made progress.

LINK – Success after 4 weeks

by NiastBoston


UPDATE – 50 days and my PIED is melting away!

50 days!

So I had PIED (27 yo male) and was basically unable to orgasm with a partner. I did 30 days of No Fap/No Porn, then allowed myself to masturbate 1-2x/week while sticking with No Porn. I have no temptation to watch porn.

In the last week or so, I am starting to get spontaneous erections and morning wood. Better yet, for the first time ever, I am able to orgasm with a partner without any trouble. My PIED isn’t cured (I still lose my erection with PIV sex–I prefer oral), but it is getting better! Thanks /r/pornfree!


UPDATE  More PIED progress 77 days in

I’ve posted previously that my PIED has improved after just 50 days of pornfree (including 30 days no fap). After that, I was finally able to orgasm with a partner (before I was only able to achieve orgasm with masturbation). Then, the other day I was dancing with someone at a wedding and got an insta-erection. It felt great! It wasn’t even super-intimate dancing but it was enough to get me ready to go.

At this point I have 0 desire ever to look at pornography again. I really haven’t even been tempted since day 1 because I knew this was something I had to do. And I’m happy with my progress!