Age 27 – First year NoFap report


So this is my slightly proud first year NoFap report. (It’s not a contiguous 365 day streak, but more like 320 days out of 365 PMO-free but I feel far better now and reached this 1 year milestone)

My reasons

Like in my intro thread, for years I didn’t see this habbit as a problem. Mostly, it were short PMO sessions 2-3 times per week. And soft pics, no video, etc. Especially because of that, I thought it isn’t a big deal … But this PMO stuff is really insidious. Every part of this P M O affects you in a different negative way. (I will write more details and my perception on that in a detail follow-up post …)

I didn’t believe that much in the superpowers. But I recognized several of the negative effects of PMO in my own life, especially lazyness & low motivation, fatigue, some social anxiety, increasing frequency and duration of the PMO sessions. And especially some inexplicable headaches which were quite often, and I suspected them somehow to be linked to the PMO habbit.

Also I actually started several months before my “official” NoFap start in Sep 2015 and just observed and logged my PMO habbits out of curiosity. I realized the habbit became a daily issue, and after becoming totally disgusted by it, I decided to try out NoFap.

The journey

Because just reducing P didn’t work the months before September, I decided to quit cold turkey.
The first months after that were a quite rough journey.

  • Several evil headaches for hours, almost like migraine (that was actually the worst symptom for me)
  • agitation & increased aggressiveness, frustration, irritability, annoyance, short-temperedness and other forms of anger, etc.

Basically the whole list in a random manifestation …

  • Testicle pain was sometimes quite annoying
  • Moodswings were quite funny to observe

It’s interesting how my personal challenge changed from streaks to just making every day PMO-free.
I don’t know if this concept is too advanced for starters, I needed over 6 months to implement it. Unfortunately, my last streaks were quite miserable with about 10 days on average, mainly due to these new crazy, stupid urges …

My stats

My best streak was 42 in the second month, and afterwards only 2 times 20-30 days.

I had about 45 resets in the first half, and 30 in the second half year, often several resets during a day. I logged it quite strictly, so the resets counted every case of PMO (to track bingeing/complete relapsing).

In general I was PMO-free on about 320 days out of 365. Compared to about 250 (short) PMO sessions per year before NoFap.
So I’d say it’s ok for the start, especially considering that I tought it’s impossible to restrict this habbit.

NoFap effects

  • I saw the first positive effects directly in the first months. And some more long term improvements after about 6 months.
  • After one year, these strange headaches almost completely disappeared (and only return shortly after relapsing/bingeing sessions). That’s definitely progress here.
  • Also I have far more self awareness, energy and free time !
  • Brain-fog is retracting, and I really appreciate that (but also I see now much clearer “the mess” this stupid PMO habbit caused).
  • I’m more confident, have better skin, acne gone (but may also be due to more physical activity/workouts, and improved eating habbits ).
  • I’ve got higher motivation to actually work out and more energy during training. If I continue the current workout regimen, I’ll have six pack abs by next year, and NoFap helped definitely here.

But really, I just don’t know, how you deal with these crazy urges. The urges got far more intense in the last weeks and that’s my current problem. In general as long I’m busy it’s ok. But with increasing stress I tend to relapse … Thats were I need to work and improve in the next time. Any helpful suggestions besides meditation, and sport is greatly appreciated.

I am totally convinced that NoFap can help making my life better and I will continue this journey until I destroy this PMO habbit (and then stay vigilant every day so NoFap becomes even more than just a short term journey). I’ll do some in depth analysis of my journey, and will hopefully post it when I reach a contiguous 90 day streak.

So thank you all for raising awareness of this topic and the motivation you provide here. A giant thanks to the community, especially the people who welcomed me here like @FPDoc & @OutsideTime & everybody else I have in my follow and watched thread list for all the inspiring posts and support during hard times. This would be impossible (at least for me and many others) without such an awesome community !

LINK – First year NoFap report

by wake_up