Age 27 – From Hardmode to Wild Sex

I went through a breakup at the end of 2014 and decided to do hardmode in 2015 in order to create a new lifestyle for myself. A couple months into hardmode I began transforming. I started going out more, doing new things and meeting many new people.

I ended up moving to a new city. During this time there was a girl that I admired who I wished to be closer to but we only remained friends. I stopped pursing her as a possible SO and refocused on myself. After a few months my energy was electric because of hardmode. I chose to refrain from any sexual contact for a year and a half. I had 6 wet dreams, 3 sleepless nights and 3 relapses which were months apart after about 135 days of true hardmode. The relapses never got to me though, I simply picked myself up and started over because I knew that there would be stumbling blocks as I trained myself out of the habit.

Then I met the girl of my dreams and she was completely amazed that I was able to discipline myself away from PMO! From there I no longer wished to masturbate or watch porn ever again because the sex is so good it makes PMO a joke. I gained the ability to have sex for hours. You may think this is a joke or a lie but I am being completely honest. Me and my SO have had days where all we would do is eat and have sex. One of the secrets to this is choosing not to orgasm for men. When you go through hardmode while working out, meditating and practicing certain exercises you gain certain abilities. Through my journey I understood how to move through my urges to the point where I overcame them. I literally went from no sexual contact at all to having the best sex of my life almost everyday.

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by Kahyel


I’ve passed 90 days now with no sexual activity what so ever. Although I remain disciplined about eliminating PMO for good I am not engaging in ‘hardmode’ but rather observing what may occur.

This is such a beautiful journey of ups and downs as I progress. Here are some observations I’d like to share with you.

  • I’ve stopped actively counting the days. I use to look at my badge on occasion and chronicle each day as I progressed. While I will admit that it is fun to see the badge I have naturally fallen out of interested in counting the days. I now simply remember the exact date when I made the conscious commitment to change my life and am satisfied with that.
  • Working out gives me a real high! The way it boost my positive mood and energy levels can be compared to a drug!
  • When I talk to people about my choice to not masturbate they are surprised and interested. They become even more surprised when I tell them how long I have gone without sex hahaha! But it always seems to bring forth interesting conversations about how others live their lives.
  • Here is one of the biggest things I’ve noticed. Feeling, both physical and emotional, has become incredibly heightened. I am more sensitive and receptive to how I feel and the interactions around me. Emotion seems richer, deeper, if ever so slightly. Any kind of provocative act from a girl is highlighted in my mind. Like if a girl is flirting with me and make slight playful physical contact I feel surges of electrifying energy shoot through me! It’s a real rush!
  • Above all I simply feel really really good about myself. I feel more balanced, clear, confident and pure.

At one point a few nights ago as I was approaching 90 days I had a very challenging urge. That morning and the morning before I had two sexual dreams which resulted in a horny state that I found would not dissipate easily. As the pressure built up I though more about sexual fantasies and past sexual encounters until I peek at some porn. After about 10 minutes I stopped watching and continued to toss and turn in my bed as if I was sick. As I felt the strong urge to masturbate I repeated to myself that this was not what I truly desired and that I did not want to revert to my former self. Finally, I fell asleep and the biggest trial of this journey passed. I made it over this bridge tripping ever so slightly and promised myself to not look at any porn deliberately again, at all.

The journey continues my friends! Peace to you all and I hope that you overcome any challenges that you might be facing.

I am 27 years old. I’ve had an on going habbit of PMO since I was 17 years old continuously watching porn and masturbating at least once a week. This was a 10 year habit which I finally took control of.

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by Kahyel


UPDATE – Half a Year of Hardmode

I’ll make this as short and sweet as possible.

I’m 27 years old, started PMOing at 16 which continued up until now. It was never an everyday addiction but it was a problem that I was aware of as it totally killed the intimacy of my last relationship.

Since my major break up from a relationship that last 7 years I’ve stopped any sexual activity whatsoever. Today marks half a year of hardmode.

I’m amazed at myself and the level of discipline I’ve gained. If I get into convos with others about my choice to refrain its always good funny conversations and most guys can’t even fathom how or why I’m doing this.

Since my journey I’ve socialized more, met so many new people, moved to a new city, scored two new jobs, made serious progress on my life goals, hung out with a couple different girls, one of which really enjoys my company, and have been on a date that seems to be progressing nicely.

I just want to say thank you so much to you guys. I’m so glad I found out about this subreddit. It gave me the motivation I needed to finally stop PMO for good.

For any of the newbies reading this, the first month is the hardest. You need to give your body time to adjust from and addiction that has lasted years. I still get urges but its on occasion, you just have to do everything in your power to ride them out. I don’t count days anymore and I occasionally go on this sub. After a while your life will not revolve around abstaining from PMO, it’ll just become part of who you are if you discipline yourself enough.

From my experience, in the beginning it feels like you have superpowers and so much energy which is awesome but it begins to calm down after refraining long enough. I haven’t gained any super powers from nofap. What I have gained is peace of mind, clarity, a sense of balance, strength, more confidence and charm. These qualities are just naturally attractive, there’s nothing special about them but people do notice.

Questions are welcomed!