Age 27 – Getting respect, less depressed – this has been a lifechanger for me


My greatest superpower was to take back whats mine. I was taken advantage of by family, friends, coworkers and previous lovers. I started demanding respect not orally but just through my demeanor.

BENEFITS: People said I became taller

past lovers started to contact me out of nowhere

took my childhood female friend who had a crush on me but no longer does – to a dinner date as we rekindle our friendship back from 10 years ago since we randomly bumped into eachother.

I have toooo much energy, i even pull all nighters at work and make overtime hours.

Just off salary alone: in 2013: I was unemployed and living in my moms basement and pmoing everyday.

in 2014: got a security job that pays 13$ an hour and made $25,000

in 2015: Same security job same pay but with the amount of energy I had I did alot of overtime I made $52,000.

In 2016: I have over $11,000 in the bank and $15,000 in stocks.

My body frame: I weighted 230 pounds in 2014, 216 pounds in 2015 and now I wieght 196 pounds in 2016.

Things I still need to work on:

Moving out of my moms basement (hiopefully in 6 months and move into a new state) get muscle ripped since i use to be real muscular before. get in a relationship not just a booty call (I dont find bootycalls apealing as I use to as I have one coming up on valentines day I will try not to release semen while we have sex)

This has been a lifechanger for me. I graduated college in 2011 and everything went downhill for the past 5 years i was pmoing alot especially from 2011- 2014. I found out about this subreddit in 2015 and I binged alot, thought of committing suicide, was highly depressed , gained over 80 pounds since 2011.

This streak does help get ones life on track. Superpowers are real but I think there there to keep you motivated cause some of the shit would come and go. I am not that emotuional anymore before things would bother me for months and years now it only bothers me for weeks. I cant wait till the day it only bothers me for seconds. I use to go 6 months without pmoing when i was younger since I use to be a boxer so I know the benefits it entails. Keep going and you can ask me anything and I will try to answer it my best. There was many things that lead to this addiction of pmoing

LINK – My 90 days result- Read inside for my greatest superpower. Also I now put girls in friends zone

by nofapfor90days