Age 27 – Happier, More social & energetic, Greater focus & mental clarity, Several physical changes

I am 27 year old guy who graduated 2 years ago and have been employed on and off since then. I was doing an online network marketing business for over a year and the great culture there was that everyone would read and listen to motivation material.

So i picked up a booked called “think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. I read it slowly until the chapter on “sexual transmutation” and a light bulb light came on in my head. I read the whole chapter before sleep in one go i usually don’t do that. I had never heard how sexual energy could be used as fuel for success. I researched on the internet on the subject and found that ancient toast monks, Indians, Romans practiced seminal retention.

Somehow I came across nofap and at first only wanted to stop P but then went full on never looked back since. I knew it worked and had done it before in second year of university but without conscious intent. I had done amazing at university over the 3 years because I did not watch P somehow subconsciously I knew it was bad for my performance. So if have been PMOing since age 15 and had escalated to the worst filth imaginable.

Before nofap

  • Tired
  • No motivation for anything
  • Isolated myself
  • Low self esteem
  • Shy and could not face people
  • Confused and mental fog
  • Lost will to fight for my dreams
  • Physically weak and brittle
  • Mind full of filthy thoughts
  • Anxiety and stress

After nofap

  • More talkative and social
  • Focused and mental clarity
  • Old ambition coming back
  • Physically stronger and bigger and more gains at gym
  • Hair thicker
  • Less sensitive to hunger and tiredness
  • More fight and motivation and willpower
  • Have more endurance physically and mentally
  • Happier and more bubbly
  • Higher self esteem and confidence
  • More motivation to earn money and get married
  • More dominant and alpha
  • Friends inviting me to their parties more
  • More energy and better looking skin
  • More direction in life
  • More courage and aggression
  • More spiritual and reflective
  • Reading more books
  • Keeping a journal

In 3 months my life has changed drastically maybe not much materially but spiritually, mentally and physically i have never felt better and I will never go back to this filth again inshallah. I never knew something as subtle as PMO could have such as detrimental effect on my life but it has and it made me the lowest of the low and i kept hearing “PMO is healthy and normal” but i have found out its not and i have lost a lot of confidence in these so called medical experts. I believe that the world is charge of select few people … who promote drugs and PMOing to keep the population docile and stupid because if people wake up and switch off the TV and stop PMOing they will become more intellectual and cerebral as i have become. These people allow this filth to be on the internet which even a 10 year old can access if not at home than maybe outside or at a friend’s house and it will corrupt them from an early age. We need to raise awareness of this new drug and help our fellow humans against this. I have been reading more and writing more and have been more reflective on my life recently and keep getting flashbacks of how PMO as effected my performance in my past. I can’t help thinking that i have wasted some of the best years of my life to this evil habit and i wrote this report to help my fellow man get the motivation to get rid of this evil. Kind regards

90 day report 09/10/2015

LINK – 90 day report for motivation, inspiration and lifechange////////////////

by betterhk


UPDATE – 1 year nofap life changes and mindset shift///

Hi guys just want to contribute a short summary of my evolution the past 13 months to this forum because you guys on this forum have given me support and inspiration to stay strong and i hope this post gives some people reading this the same support to keep strong.

I started mid July 2015 from reading “think and grow rich” section on sexual transmutation this sparked my interest and read loads on stories online e.g, this subreddit and many others this inspired me reading athletes and intellectuals conserving there semen to perform better mentally and physically. This increased my belief and desire for nofap so I started had a few relapses but ultimately stayed strong by reading this and other forums. I won’t go into specifics but state major benefits i have experiences and some challenges I am still going through.

Through this journey i have had an intellectual and spiritual awakening i have read more over the past 12 months than over the past 27 years of my life books on health, wealth, psychology, religion and have reflected on my life through filling about 6 journals of my evolution through this time. My mind has completely changed from focusing on my past and things out of my control to being more aware and thinking of the future and being more present in the moment. i can FEEL emotions now and think more deeply. The emotions can be extreme sometimes of joy and elation to despair and frustration but i have realised that this is part of the process of emotional growth. I have also had profound insights into my past behaviours and failures and why i acted like that and I have learned from my past finally. I have realised that the stronger the urge the more ideas I get and writing the ideas in a journal is more valuable than anyone’s advice for me because I have studied myself and now know my own desires strengths and weaknesses rather than someone else imposing theirs on me. I have more direction and clarity in life and more motivation and love for life. nofap has taught me that without pain there is no gain and without failure there is no success the nofap journey has been one of the hardest things I have ever done that’s why it have transformed my to a completely new person in the past 13 months that I wouldn’t even have dreamed of 13 months ago. Physically I feel like a real man and have a lot more presence, strength and endurance and am more courageous. i have never been more sure of the body mind connection than i am know. Gym, journaling and reading has been the habits i poured my energy into and another thing I realised that you have to keep busy it’s like running on thin ice if you stop and do nothing for a few days you can easily fall back into the habit but if you pursue your goals you can make more progress in a year than you would in 5 years while on pmo. The spiritual benefits include deeper connection with others, feeling clean, clam and strong. Productivity benefits include sleeping less and have more energy to work, read and workout and minimized my time on internet and social media which has left more time for me. don’t let society lie to you by saying masturbation or porn is healthy it will literally destroy you mentally, physically and spiritually and make you a zombie trust me I wasted a decade of my life on this garbage i am so grateful that I am out of the matrix now and want to help others now. I personally think this is worse than cocaine because with coke you know you are addicted but with porn you think it’s healthy because it seems normal. now I know that PMO was the root of my problems during my teens and it affected my relationship with my family massively all the while I was being told it completely normal what bloody garbage fed by illuminati

nofap has given me a second chance at life I feel more alive motivated and hungry to make a life for myself.

Sorry for the long messy post but hope this helps.