Age 27 – I actually want to interact with people… And that terrible brain fog? Gone!


My story is a little different. I don’t suffer with PIED but I was an avid Porn user myself. So I wanted to give NoFap a try for the “Superpowers”/ and to reset my brain if you will. Another of my main reasons for doing it was to reset my brain to find the average/ normal Girl attractive again. After years of watching 10+ models it can certainly have an effect on your psyche I found.

Continuing… After 90 day’s absent from PMO (No touching or even edging) or sex I can say that I feel more energetic, outgoing, and generally more sociable and productive. I actually want to interact with people… And that terrible brain fog? It’s gone!

As for finding the average/ normal Girl attractive again? It’s all personal preference on what average/ normal is… So there’s not really much to write home about. But for myself? I do see results in this area.

I will say tho that nothing happened like in terms of getting numbers from Girls, dates, or strange unexpected encounters. Just what I listed above. Which is good enough for me! All in all, not much to report but I’m happy with the results. I will continue for as long as need be this NoFap.

LINK – 90 Day Report (No touch or Edge/ Hard Mode)

By SparkyKarll


215 Day’s [Hard Mode] and still going strong!

Just an update from my previous 90 Day Report.

I’m currently 215 Days of Hard Mode, and these spontaneous erections are feeling like my teenager years again, I love it. I still don’t have a date or Girlfriend yet at the age of [27], not that it was my goal in the first place when starting NoFap, but I’ve felt Girls checking me left and right. Gym life is paying off as well.

When i started NoFap my goal was always about self-improvement etc…, I wanted to become more outgoing, social, and just happy and so far I’m on the right path towards those goals.

As far as I’m aware I don’t suffer with PIED. One of my goals tho was to achieve stronger erections and I can say that goal has been achieved. My Erections have never been stronger. So it appears that abstaining from PMO is a great way to achieve your own goals of wanting to reboot and get stronger erections. There are hundreds and hundreds of testimonies of doing NoFap to reboot and being successful. Trust me, you will reap nothing but benefits by giving up porn etc… for your own sexual health. Nothing but benefits. I’d also do some kegels if you can, these are great for you sexual health too.

This is just some motivation for anyone that needs it…. Keep at it guys!