Age 27 – I went from being depressed loser, weak & living on the brink of suicide to a principle based man of discipline with self respect

It’s been one year since I started NoFap + NoPMO, and it has changed my life. I went from being depressed loser, weak & living on the brink of suicide to a principle-based man of discipline with self respect. I’m alot more in touch with life.

So many things have changed.

  • I’ve been alot more productive at work. My coworkers and supervision notice my confidence to where they ask me for suggestions and turn to me for calling the shots. I’ve been commented that other folks trust me the most.
  • Aesthetics wise, I’m in the best shape of my life.
  • My eyes no longer look tired and lifeless but now they look full of life.
  • Every night I get vivid dreams and I can recall them when I wake up which is a sign my brain chemistry has changed.
  • Now the part that really tripped me out initially during the reboot is the way other people treat me. Tough looking guys at the gym respectfully acknowledge my presence, I was surprised by this cuz I’m only 5’9″ & cut at 155, which isn’t exactly physically intimidating & demanding respect.
  • My voice was deep before, but now it’s even more deeper and solid, I’ve even been commented that I sound like a man that’s 6’4″.
  • Douchebags that actually used to mess with me, now don’t even try to step to me anymore. I get referred to as “young man” or “sir” significantly alot more.
  • The lack of sex and masturbation causes me to have strong, devastating erections. Occasionally, I get this really strong urge that makes me want girls even more. Because I’ve been abstaining, this energy just makes me want to work harder at work , go hard at the gym and not give a F about anything that comes my way.
  • I’ve been getting wet dreams anywhere between the 30-60 day mark. I feel like shit when I wake up, but I feel fully recovered in 1-2 days afterwards.
  • I’m a true believer that nofap changes how girls see you. You all might think I’m trippin’, but it’s happening. Now girls give me IOIs. It’s as if they know I’m not a pervert with the way they look at me. I’ve had girls thrown themselves at me and I know for a fact all I had to do was take action and they would have been mine. Unfortunately, I’ve had girls that show IOIs intially, but for some reason, when I don’t reciprocate or give them attention, they appear to be upset with me later on.
  • Rejection. I used to get so upset when I would hear just talk to them confidently with them for success. NoFap + NoPMO has allowed me to stop seeing them as goddesses on the pedestal. There was one time I was at a Hooters with my friends. Of course all the waitresses there are good looking, a couple of my friends kept beating around the bush with the cute one that was serving us. They wanted to “score” her number but they were hesitating and thinking of a “clever pick-up line”. After she gave back our credits cards after paying she asked if there’s anything else she can give us. I thought F it, I’ll risk rejection. In front of everyone, I just straight up said “Yeah, give me your number”. I kept my composure, but damn, her and all my friends at the table had a huge surprised look on their face. She blushed and said “sorry, but no”. My friends where like “oh no” as if their favorite football team lost the game. For some reason, I felt like Cool Hand Luke and said “that’s fine girl, I won’t hold anything against you”. She was like “awww” as if it melted her heart and she said “thank you, you really made my day”. When we walked out, I passed by her again, she genuinely smiled at me & said “bye” in a super girly voice. My friends where telling me I was their hero for having the guts to take that kind of a shot. I felt normal when I said it, but they told me I was really smooth when I asked for her number. I know rejection sucks, but it made me realize it does take being a man to take the risk and handle it. Besides, I know she knew I was a bad motherfucker for pulling the trigger.
  • If you want to see a more detailed report see:

These are just some of the experiences I’ve had since nofap and giving up looking at porn. I can now look at girls as people and not as sexual objects. I used to believe that they were manipulative and enjoy shit testing men. Now when I get shit tested, I just calmly laugh because I know they’re just trying to see if I’m really a confident man. I don’t play games and I’ve called girls out on it before, started walking away because I believe in self-respect and every time, they immediately apologize and beg me to come back. I honestly did do nofap for the “superpowers” with girls, but it’s done so much more. It’s given me the energy and “aggression” to go out, take action, take risks and become the man that I want to be. By blowing my load, I would be expending alot of energy and life force, which is making me even more selective and picky when it comes to choosing a girl to have sex with. It’s makes me want to be able to connect with her and look for a girl that’s special to me.

I know I’m not perfect but I don’t give a fuck. This subreddit saved my life & it’s time for me to leave r/NoFap. I’ve finished the recovery chapter here. I’ve grown spiritually and mentally since day 1. I will continue to go forth fap & porn free so I can live to my full potential. Thank you.

LINK – Right About Now: The Fap Free 365 Day Report

by theman_on_a_mission