Age 27 – I went from depressed, hopeless virgin, to high self esteem, more productive, happier, having an overwhelming amount of sex


I’m 26 years old and in late October I began researching the affects of PMO and the brain. I realized my addictive behaviors that I developed from the age of around 10. These behaviors sunk me into a depression (that I didn’t know I was in!) feelings of isolation, feeling down on myself for being a virgin, and wasted/unproductive time.

I read and read this forum to the ground. I bought a book on sex addiction and practiced its techniques.

(This one, if anyone needs additional support:

About one month in with highly reduced PMO, I went out on a date with a woman. It was fun, thought nothing of it. Spent more time working on myself. I noticed I started to feel happier and less cloudy (all the symptoms of PMO were vanishing the longer I abstained). All the positive results I felt very quickly. Around early December I bumped into again the woman I had dated. We started being intimate with each other and decided to commit to a relationship.

It’s been about a month with her and I CANNOT BELIEVE I went from depressed, feeling down, hopeless virgin 26 year old, to high self esteem, more productive, happier, having (an overwhelming amount of) sex 26 year old in a short time of a few months.

I still need to focus on improving myself in this aspect, but I feel comfortable letting go of the support group for now. I’m finding the less intensely I feel about nofap, the more successful I am and the less pressure I feel (being busy with real life does help, too).

I don’t know if any one here will recognize me xD, but I want to say thank you to everybody here because you’ve all helped me get to where I am now. THANK YOU NOFAP COMMUNITY and I wish everyone the best in their own personal adventures! Everybody here is doing a great thing 🙂

LINK – A farewell post, Thank you, community!

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I’m 27 years old, been PMOing since internet became a thing, I’m guessing since I was around 12 years old. I’ve been on Nofap roughly about a year now. INTERESTING STORY, I had a really good friend who turned out to be absolutely crazy, but before we separated, she told me about her problem with pornography addiction and suggested I might have it too. I found the website, fight the new drug, it made a lot of sense, and gave it a start from there.

Yea I’ve mostly used digital porn. I have spent money on things from overseas though.

A major benefit for me was I realized after a month or so of stop and starts (relapses every few days, still better than beating it twice a day) I noticed I felt happy. And this was a big deal, since I always used to feel so negative and dulled down. Things seemed brighter, shinier, more beautiful. I’m talking like, looking at the sky was thrilling. Since then I’ve realized that I had to make Nofap a steady part in my life.

I don’t feel dependent on sex anymore. I used to get SUPER moody if I didn’t masturbate, or if I felt I was getting cheated out of sex. Now, I find myself so busy and interested in other things that sex is the last thing on my mind. I never made an amazing streak, but I feel so much progress happening 🙂