Age 27 – I’ve learned so much about my body’s energy

27yo guy here. I’ve never posted here before, but I think it’d be useful to share my story. I’ve been shy with women in the past, but I’ve become much more confident in my 20s and I’ve never had much trouble performing sexually. I started nofap early this year as an experiment after getting out of a long-term relationship and spending a few weeks in a lazy cycle of PMO.

The past six months have been equally challenging and enlightening for me. I’ve learned so much about my body’s energy and how to acknowledge (and enjoy!) compulsions without acquiescing to them. I truly feel like I have the understanding and confidence to keep my habits in check from now on, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.

That said, I think I’ve reached the end of my road. I met a drop-dead gorgeous woman, but I’ve been dealing with acute, uncharacteristic ED and PE. My body doesn’t respond the way I’m used to, and it’s extremely demoralizing. Frankly, I feel like I’ve been treating my sexuality as something to be pushed away rather than celebrated and understood. This behavior just doesn’t feel healthy anymore.

Before I move back to a more normal balance, I just want to say thanks. I’d also love to hear stories of people in similar situations, and from people who are farther down the road on similar journeys. Of course, part of me is still reluctant to give up my streak, so I’d also love to hear from anyone who thinks I’m making a mistake!

To those of you still on their path, keep at it. There’s a world of difference between a relapse and a sensible, pre-meditated end. To everyone here, thanks for building such an active, supportive community. It’s certainly been an adventure.

LINK – 6 months of “hard mode” done, I think it’s time to quit

by sixmonths_throwaway