Age 27 – Many benefits. The highest benefit I can think of is feeling stronger emotionally


So I wanted to go semen retention for over a Year. I started at the beginning of 2016. The challenge for me was that I had a girlfriend that really couldn’t understand that all the sexual encounters we usually have were depleting me of my life energy and the drive to do anything else.

But she didn’t care. So every 5 to 7 days she would make me ejaculate.

The struggle went on for few months. Forward that 8 months in the future and I’m now 50 days without ejaculating.

Feeling Amazing:

  • Overall mood improvement
  • Higher mental clarity
  • Much more Charisma
  • Social connection happens at faster rate
  • I’m a magnet to girls and people ( I do believe that you have extra energy and people can feel it in their guts / sixth sense).
  • Much less afraid of anything
  • There is always a mess in my house and now put thing in order doesn’t seem so hard as before
  • Going to the gym and looking forward to it
  • waking up EVERYDAY at 5 a.m (not in the week end if I go out the day before, but every week day).
  • Reading and writing had a quality boost (2 of my uncommon passions)
  • When I walk I feel it, and it is not just a placebo effect, because I became stronger in the Gym, less recovery time. Eating less feeling stronger in my junction. IT IS REALLY AMAZING.

I know these are common benefits of the people that go through this journey. I wanted to write something more personal for the people that are going to read this and might find them self in struggle within their lives.

I’m 27, I have being in relationships for 9 years straight (3 different girls). With no brake what so ever. I’m part of the 1% of population in almost everything I can think of (money, beauty, socially, or whatever parameter. No counting happiness), but all of this didn’t help covering up that there was something bad or wrong happening in my life. (I didn’t say all the above to brag, but to share that the external is not what is real, what a person feel is real. And we are all the same, remember this when you envy someone, or you wish you where someone else, you don’t know how that person feel).

The highest benefit I can think of is feeling stronger emotionally (all around but especially emotionally and spiritually) this will give you the strength to listen to your inner voice and act on it.

What does the majority of people do instead?

They have this inner voice but they never have the strength to act on it, the life goes by and they die without being true to them selves. Most of the people is afraid of being happy, really happy. That’s why there is all these different addictions going on in the world right now. We know something hurts us, but we do nothing about it. We are caught in the moment and we dive deeper and deeper into lower energy states (and the loop repeat, till it break us or we break it).

These past two months I have been able to be true to my self, to impose my will to the people around me. I left my girlfriend ( who won international beauty competition, and it might go Victoria Secret). But to me it wasn’t real, I felt I was there because socially speaking it would have been crazy not to stay in that relationship even thou she loved me, for me it didn’t feel right (from the beginning! It took me 3 Years to act on it, DONT’ MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!!!).

I finally had the power to say what was inside me, and there is now a voice me that screams “this is the real you”.

Now I know it won’t be all easy and soft from this point on, but I feel I have the energy to push my self through all there will be in my path. Even if I won’t have the power to do so, I won’t have regrets, because I have been true to my self (isn’t this the point of life it self? Living the truth? and learn from it?)

There is not higher asset than this, being true to your self. It is the hardest thing you can do, and whatever it will bring you, it will be the right path for you.

So be yourself (and get to the point where you have the strength to do so), and remember that we are all different, and different people will need different things. Listen to your higher longer term self (don’t just imitate like a robot).

I will conclude with this quote:

“Fools try to end sufferings with sufferings” Buddha

Don’t be a fool, you might have been one long enough.

“Being evil means doing worse every time you know better”.

ps: Sorry for my English, not my primary language

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