Age 27 – More energetic, Less moody, I feel a real increase in my libido again but in the healthy sense

I have seen incredible improvements in my life and would like to share it with this community that’s helped so much. To be honest, even though I trusted the process from the start,

I did not quite dimension all the positive outcomes that fellow Fapstronauts claimed to have gotten during the process and once they were free from PMO addiction.

For starters, I have been much more energetic lately. It used to be difficult for me to wake up anywhere earlier than 9:00 am (so yes, it made going to University and Work dreadful every morning), but now I find myself waking up naturally at 7:30-8:00 feeling generally refreshed and with the willingness to do things. So, check for the ‘more energy’ and ‘less general tiredness’ claim that many have experienced.

Second, although I passed a very difficult time with the flatline, after some time IT DOES get better and damn I honestly say I feel a real increase in my libido again but in the healthy sense. I can actually now look at real women and feel the natural feelings men have, whether be sexual attraction, interest to get to know her, etc. Although I interacted with women during my PMO years, I seemed to have forgotten how to see the beauty in them, until my body finally began cleaning itself. Now I am in a happy relationship (unbelievable, I know), and feeling in a great moment, something I have not been capable of feeling for years.

Third, I can’t stress enough now that I know, once I took this decision I suddenly had SO MUCH FREE TIME. Sometimes I find myself desperate to do things, and this had led me to explore many new hobbies, re-take my work out routine, become more social (as now PMO isn’t present in my life) and feel alive again. Also, the mind is more at ease, and not constantly thinking of all the content that I used to obsess about every single day.

Finally, I have noticed that my general mood is much more positive, much calmer and less moody. Given that I am introverted, my mood swings weren’t very noticeable for most people but my close friends and family. However now there is a general consensus that I am a new person, or better said, I have the character I used to possess before I started PMO addiction. This has been amazing as I have reconnected in many ways with the people most dear to me, for I am not with my mind elsewhere anymore, but living the moment with them.

I am aware that I still must be very careful of a relapse (although at this stage I really don’t even miss p**n, I barely even think it except for some rare sparks in my head at times).

It makes me wonder at the amazing capability of the body to begin recuperating after years of abuse. But for now I wanted to share this with all of you, because this community has really helped me re-take my life back. Thank you everybody! Your experiences and words here have really made me change for the better! And for every new struggling Fapstronaut, I can tell you BELIEVE in the process and BELIEVE in YOURSELF. You can do this, we’re all in this together, you are not alone!


LINK – Effort and Perseverance pays off

by randompatriot