Age 27 – More energy, More drive, More social, Less depression, Less negative thinking, Less social anxiety


30 days my peeps!!!!!!!! Feeling BEAST!!!!!! GrrrrrrrrRrrrrrr level OVER 9000!!!!! Watchout!!!!! Wooo!!! Uuuuhhhh beast! Well I’m celebrating 30 days NO-PM aaaahhhh feels so good. I haven’t had a streak this good in over 2 years. I literally cried today thanking God while I was at work. I was talking to myself like “dude I’m 30 days PM free WHAT?!!” Yea awesome.

So I feel amazing .. More energy, more driv,e more social, more strength, endurance. Less depression less negative thinking less social anxiety less shyness less shame. I just feel like superman. I have to keep this going…for good. Forever.

Thank you all you guys for being here for me. God bless you guys love you all.

LINK – Ceeeeeeelebrate good times cmon!!!!

by Spidermonky77