Age 27 – More optimistic and eager for life, Less worried about the future, I sleep better

It’s the first time since the end of 2012 that I achieve 30 days fapfree in hard mode, so I thought it was worth to share with you my experience and give some advices to whoever might feel his/her symptoms fit with mine.

1) First of all: what helped to abstain from O for thirty days?

I took some cautions when I relapsed after a 60 days’ easy mode streak.

The first was start reading for the third time Gary Wilson’s Your Brain on Porn. You are never enough aware of how porn in harmful and how beneficial is to stop it, so never give up in remind you that, its reasons and the effect PMO has on the brain.

The second, and actually more important, came during my last streak. I passed some days (also 2-3 in a row) in which I felt hopeless, depressed, with low mood, with no will of doing nothing and pessimistic about everything! Passed those days, every time I had a urge I thought “ok, if I fap now, I will have to restart from 0, and restarting from 0 will mean having again those terrible days”. This is what actually prevents me from fapping, considering also that during the summer I don’t want to feel like I felt 15, 20, 25 days after stopping PMO.

2) What are the benefits I am experiencing actually?

I feel good! I sleep good. I wake up good. I’m generally more optimistic and eager of life. I am less worried about the future and everything it will bring me. But what I am appreciating more than everything is that I am going to run and have physical exercise (home gym) every day, or at least twice out of three days! This is something that I wasn’t doing when I fapped, because I felt too tired before starting and didn’t feel any motivation in doing something healthy for my body and my mind. Doing physical exercise means to me staying away from PMO and feeling good. The outcome is noticeable in my actual shape and I really love it. Socially nothing happened so far, but it’s more because I have to study a lot and don’t have time to hang out with friend or hunting girls. I will let you know in the future.

3) How was my journey so far?

In my experience, I noticed the alternation of days with urges and days of bad feelings and depressions (what I described above). But it’s more than a week that I feel very good, even thank of my constant excercising. What is important is beign aware that PMO is harmful and Nofap will lead you to experience benefits nothing else can provide you! With this mental attitude you can overcome both the urges and the depression, both of which will fade as the time goes by.

4) My advices

a) Keep busy and do everything you have to do in order to prevent you from fapping. In my 60 days’ streak I put my iphone in a drawn due to limit my acess to internet with the tool I used to fap and I bought an old phone with which would have been impossible to do anything.

b) Do hard mode. I know that the point is abstain from PMO and not from O. I know that it’s the porn the problem and that the porn is harmful. But I also found out that if you are addicted and you have O, the chaser effect will be devastating and if you will have an orgasm, you will seek for others, ending up fapping on pornography.

c) If you have a urge, go out for a walk or do 20 push-ups. The urge will pass in a few minutes and you will not throw away all what you built.

d) If you have a flatlined day (depression, low mood and what I described above), keep in mind that it will not last more than 2-3-4 days, after which you’ll feel good.

Thank you for reading. Wish you good luck and stay strong!!!

TLDR: nofap is worth it; if you want to fap, think all you will have to pass from the beginning of a new streak; keep busy and prevent anything can trigger you to PMO.

LINK – 30 hard mode fapfree days’ report!

by Blu88