Age 27 – More self-confidence, I feel more urge to be social, I rediscovered my long lost passion in my hobby (guitar), I can concentrate better


I’ve officially entered my first 3 digits for the first time in 10 years since I got addicted to PMO. How is it so far? One word… awesome! I am 27 years old. I’ve been addicted to porn since 17. I first started trying NoFap 1 or 2 years ago. I felt that my life was stuck in many dimensions and I was wondering if this PMO addiction is the thing that was holding me back.

I didn’t make any NoFap progress in the first year. I remember that my longest streak at that time was 30 days but I lost my motivation after that so I got back to my old habit.

The fap – NoFap cycle continued for months until one day I found myself almost paying for sex. I was so terrified of my own addiction which was getting worse and starting to consume my life, that’s the moment I made the decision to regain control of my life.

The first two weeks was not easy, but overall it’s not as hard as I thought. These are the things that really helped me:

  1. Finding the motivation. First you have to find your own motivation of doing NoFap. I found mine after reading ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg. I believe that by changing this one habit, I can make other areas in my life better as well.
  2. Get busy and replace your PMO habit with something else, in my case it is reading book, running and playing guitar. Running and cold shower work well together. Read motivational book such the one I mentioned above.
  3. Talk and share your problem with other people. Admitting your own addiction and sharing your progress will replenish your motivation along the way. Remember that PMO is very bad, but the good news is its pretty common. Most guys will understand what you’re struggling with.
  4. If you’re a religious person, doing a daily ritual (reading something, praying etc.) can help.
  5. If you’re single and not seeing anyone, have a crush or fall in love with someone! I found someone that I like on my 2nd week on NoFap. The timing was perfect. It helped me by diverting my focus and energy from the PMO craving. Anyway, in the end the relationship didn’t work out for me but I can’t be more grateful for it.

100 days on NoFap changed my life in many ways. It’s not a magic trick, it doesn’t change my life instantly but still it gave me the mental state that I need to make my life better from now on.

  1. The feeling that I’m in control of my life, once again. From now on my future is mine, nothing is holding me back anymore.
  2. More self-confidence. As the other NoFap members have stated, NoFap will give you more confidence in social life and also in other aspect as well.
  3. I feel more urge to be social. I became more genuinely interested in people. In romantic aspect as well.
  4. I rediscovered my long lost passion in my hobby (guitar). I’ve never even felt this inspired to play guitar before.
  5. I run and do cold shower, which feels fantastic.
  6. I can concentrate better, no more uncontrollable PMO urge ruining my days.
  7. I am still interested in women, but now I have a much better control of my eyes and mind.

– So on!

LINK – ★100 Days Report

by ak89