Age 27 – Much greater focus and confidence, Also shocked to have been pursued by several women

I have done it. I’ve been trying to kick the habit since 2011 and I’ve been on NoFap for about a year, and this is my longest streak so far! I’ve made great progress.

Every day, I feel like I become a little more human and a little less of a monster who faps his day away. That is to say, it’s not over yet.

I’d be lying if I said I feel amazing or if I said it was easy. I don’t, and it’s not. I’ve been very stressed this week, and I’ve been getting cravings, but I just tell myself that “I don’t do that anymore. It’s not an option,” and I wait it out.

My tricks:

  • Don’t touch your D
  • Mindset, mindset, mindset. You have to be completely in this. 100%. Once you give way to even a fraction of a percent, your brain will rationalize a relapse.
  • Find replacements for fapping. Exercise, find a hobby, eat better. This battle can’t be won with willpower alone.

These are the “superpowers” I discovered:

  • The kavorka. Just around day 60+, women are aggressive with me. I do not consider myself handsome, so I’ve been shocked to have been pursued by several women over the last month. To give some perspective, before these 90 days, I had hit a dry spell where women seemed repulsed by me. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with eating/sleeping better and working out, but those are byproducts of NoFap. It happens every time like that around day 60+. Makes me feel like a “normal” dude, rather than an addict.
  • Focus. I can focus more now. I think that ‘gotta find the perfect girl’ mentality of porn hurt my ability to concentrate on the ‘now.’
  • Confidence. Goes hand in hand with the previous two, but man, do I feel good when I feel good. Sure, there are bad days, but the good days more than make up for it. I feel capable. I don’t feel like a cowering weirdo. It feels good to be alive. I was dating this girl for a month, and she broke it off last week. I was kind of upset, but the Old Me would have been devastated. I was confident enough to move on.
  • Appreciation. I appreciate so much right now. There’s beauty in so many things. Color me easily impressed with the world.

I feel like I couldn’t have gotten this far without this community. So thank you, guys. Thank you to the lurkers, to the frequent posters, to the rookies and the veterans. Thank you to the mods. The badge count is a constant reminder that, although I finally have reached that blue star, I still have light years and light years to go until I find myself truly human again.

LINK – 90+ Days Whop Whop!!!

by nofaptacular


Long time fapper here. Up until this past weekend, I hadn’t had sex in almost 8 years. I am 27. Yes, I wasted the majority of my 20s clicking on images, videos, and the ‘next’ button on Omegle instead of going out and socializing, meeting people, and improving myself as a human being. Please use me as an example; porn will eat your life. Don’t do it.

Before I get into the meat of what I want to say here, let me tell you a little bit more about that porn vs people mindset I’ve had. After graduating college, I adopted the philosophy of ‘why should I bother with real women? Porn requires no effort, and there’s no risk.’ But that’s how you get soft (in so many ways). You begin to look for more shortcuts in life. Why not cheat the system as much as possible? So you do, and as soon as you blink you’re eyes, you’re in your late 20s with no prospects, no life experience, and a jaded attitude toward people.

But you can turn it around. I did. I’ve been on and off Nofap for two years, and last year, I really made strides. I went out with more girls than I can remember, I developed hobbies, and I improved myself mentally, physically, and socially.

It all led up to having sex with a beautiful, caring, intelligent woman who I’m connected to this past weekend. It was amazing. I have felt the chaser effect, but the overall brain-feel is so much better. Healthy sex with another human being is such a different animal from touching yourself to the sight of pixelated women. I didn’t feel tired afterwards. I felt happy and excited. And I genuinely don’t think I could have made it to this point in recovery if it hadn’t been for this sub.

I’ve only just begun with this journey. I can’t wait to keep going.