Age 27 – My face looks more appealing to me


“Something’s changed about you” An oldish lady I see at the library whilst volunteering had said this to me today. She said that she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. Then went on to say I now look like a Viking! Great compliment and made me so happy to hear it.

I’m on day 76 and it’s the first thing anyone’s said regarding it to my face. I’m ginger so that probably had something to do with it. Found it a grand compliment. I’m a skinny guy as well so proper hit home.

Thanks noFap and everyone here taking up this struggle. Got my first win!

[Additional comments]

I’m 27, and have been trying no fap since about start of this year. My longest streak was about 80 odd days, I was smoking weed then though and it was a hell a easy because of that. Should smash through that streak this time, been clean from weed 120+ now.

The main thing is I’ve stopped trying to please people and turned to pleasing myself. I have books to read! There’s always something to do, I find myself at home a hell of a lot after quitting weed. Lost a lot of friends. I’ve found more comfort in myself since starting this. Just pick up a book, get off the computer, put a movie on, do some power squats, colour one of those zen colouring books, learn any new skill. You can do it dude. Anything a man has done another man can do.

My face does look more appealing to me as I’ve always hated how I look. Although I put that down to purely my perceptions changing. I guess it could be physical also, I probably don’t look as tired and drawn out before.

[The Viking comment] probably has something to do with this ginger beard that’s finally growing. I had the ability to grow a goatee before but my cheeks never came through fully until recently.

I found nofap as a setting off point to dealing with other issues in my life.

LINK – “Somethings changed about you”

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