Age 27 – No longer foggy, unproductive and without the energy to face life


I am a 27 year old dude, self employed, continuously trying to work on myself, with better results just lately as you’ve seen! Just wanted to let everything out, don’t  know if anyone reads such a long babble but I needed to do this! Cheers to all of you.

Ever since I chose to start this process, two months ago, I can truly say for the first time that I’ve made a significant change in my life and lifestyle.

I managed to get out of that fked up zone I was in, foggy mind, totally unproductive, depressive and not having enough energy to face life. I got rid of the lack of confidence, I’ve stopped waking up in the morning having 0 energy to get out of bet, I’ve put an end to the endless avalanche of negative thoughts that controlled my life.

Now I wake up in the morning, after a good night’s sleep, not rushing to get nowhere anymore, taking my 7-8 hours as much as I possibly can, with my plan for the day made the night before and ready for action. I finally found a clear goal towards which I work daily. I managed to get rid of the waste of time, I got to a point where I absolutely cannot stand to do nothing during the day, or at night after I’m done with stuff. (by nothing I mean anything that doesn’t bring me any kind of benefit like tv series, random browsing, etc) . I’ve quit wasting time on tv series (I’ve got two or three left and I watch mostly 1-2 episodes /week) ,

 I’m obviously done with daily mindless jerk offs and porn si I’ve invested all this newfound energy in things that matter. I’ve got rid of the chronic fatigue, I’ve quit any kind of stress eating, over eating, comfort eating or eating at night before sleep. Food is fuel, not nourishment.

I’ve kicked ass with sports, I managed to do 30 day shred for maybe 55 days out of 60 with obvious changes. I managed to get to under 90kg (89.9 this morning lol) for the first time in like 7 years and it feels fukin’ great. Have had 108kg max at 1.85m .

I managed to start reading and amazingly actually finish 3 books and on top of that I’ve actually used to knowledge I found. Reading got to be a pleasure again. Accumulating new information if fascinating. Acting upon it got to be highly motivational and a perfect fuel for desire and ambition.

I socialize more and better with people, I am more dominant in social environments, much more confident and organised. I have more energy. I have a plan for my future. I’ve been outside, having different kinds of fun and meeting a whole bunch of new people more in the last two months than in the last 5 years.

And the awesome part is that I can actually feel I’m just at the beginning of this amazing road I found by finding myself.
So, the actual foundation upon which all of this has happened is as follows for me :

1.    NoFap ( I will forever be in debt to a very good friend of mine, highly spiritually evolved that introduced me to the idea of NoFap 2 months ago when we grabbed a beer and I wasn’t at all in a very good zone. That talk offered me direction and the essential tool for becoming more self-aware, self-confident and more disciplined. I feel like I am a new man. A different man. A more confident, smarter, more composed, in control, happy and even better looking man. A strong man!

2.    Meditation (essential in maintaining the smooth going of this process. I’ve done daily meditation almost without exception, up to like +3.1k minuted meditated in the last 4 months or so. They say that if you don’t have 20 minuted to meditate daily, you need two hours of it. )

3.    Sport (The 30 day shred workout program I was telling you about, I do it every single day midday and it’s an amazing booster of energy and confidence going into the second part of the day. The physical results aren’t bad either. I found that it’s actually true that after 21 days straight of working out, I feel sad whenever I miss a day’s workout. My kind of addiction 😀 )

4.    Cold showers ( I don’t think I will ever get back to hot showers, I’m absolutely hooked on cold showers, no better instant booster of endorphins and energy.)

   5. A fricking good night’s sleep. I finally got at peace with my sleep. And the results now that I sleep 7 to 8 hours as much as I can are way better than when I slept 5-6 hours because I was in a constant hurry to do things , and never had enough time , but sadly ended up doing 30-40% of what I wanted to do because of fucked up mind and body. With the changes, I set goals every night, and constantly tick DONE for 80-100% of them every day.

    This being said, I believe that now more than ever, with my newfound joy for life, desire to succeed, discipline and accumulated energy, with all the new tools at my disposal I have the chance to develop and progress enough to make the last 7 years of comfortable living, no spark or remarkable progress at all, just surviving on the first line above the average lifestyle here forgotten. Not anymore!
                                                          It’s time to go higher!
                                          It’s time to achieve!
                           It’s time to act!

LINK – Last two months of NoFap benefits

By Maceee101k