Age 27 – No more PIED, More confidence, More productive, No feelings of worthlessness, A clear brain, I can go on and on.

Hello fam,

It’s been a while since I chronicled my rebooting journey here. My apologies. You see, time flies when you are having fun. It seems like I began NoFap yesterday. The benefits are more than I expected. No PIED, more confidence, more productive, no feelings of worthlessness, a clear brain and I can go on and on.

I am praying for the same resilience to continue because the journey has just began. I know I will make it and reach a point that I will lose count of the days and start counting in terms of decades. And oh by the way, I have gained some weight since I started NoFap, can someone kindly tell me if it’s one of the effects of not wanking.

Stay blessed, Am out.

LINK – Once a Chronic Wanker, Now Doing 52 Days Fap Free!! You can too.

by AlexfromNairobi