Age 27 – One year, I am transformed into a whole new person

I am transformed into a whole new person. From a creep to the life of the party. And, It feels good. I met a girl when I was at 5 months.

And, we parted ways in December. So, No orgasm in last five months. And Sex was really awesome after starting NoFap and I could achieve an orgasm every time I had sex.

[Girls began to check me out more] I think about 2 months… I joined a hiking club and met many people. And, I realized that women are interested to know me and talk to me.

Started with bikini pictures, erotic stories and magazines at the age of 12. Switched to porn at the age of 17 when i got my first PC. I quit when I was 26.

LINK – A Year of NoFap. Can do AMA if anybody has some questions. 

by Vicks5296