Age 27 – PIED cured: awesome sex & good erections. Relapsed and developed ED again


I have been a lurker for a long time and after a roller coaster of last 5 months, thought I should pen down something here. I had a terrible case of PIED before i started the NoFap journey, and even though I knew that porn and masturbation were the root cause of my ED, it took me about 2 years to finally complete the 90 days. And trust me guys when they say that it gets easier with time. It definitely does.

I had the most amazing sex with this girl who I had been friends with for a couple of months on the 86th day. And boy I went on for 4 times in a night. Which was unfathomable for the previous porn for breakfast, lunch and dinner version of me. We did it for about a month and I occasionally would watch a porn video or two without it hampering my performance on bed. I got too confident with myself and started watching porn fairly regularly while she had to go away for about 3 weeks.

Well the wait finally ended and she was back and guess what….. I was back to the limp dick phase. That really set things straight for me. Fast forward a week and I have to go overseas for work for a month. We talk on the phone regularly and this time I was smart enough to not indulge in any porn.

Anyway … I come back after a month and we have the best sex ever. I was really happy with having made the best decision of my life. until 4 days later I discover that she had been cheating on me while I had been away. I had really fallen for this girl and it hit me really hard.

 It’s been two weeks since then and I have abused porn and used it as crutch to get away from facing the reality. I have been holed up in the house only going out for work the last two weeks. I knew that this was wrong and that I shouldn’t be doing this to myself but the emotional trauma of all of this was too hard to handle.

But something struck me today and I decided to pay this page a visit and that’s when it dawned upon me … that I was literally destroying my life by my own hands (pun intended). I vow to never abuse porn again. The nofap period showed me what it was like to be ED free after an agonizing 3 years and I cannot let all of this go away

It feels great to have written all of this here. And i also feel quite relieved. Thank you guys for being such a great support system. and trust me if you’re 20 something and have ED issues, it’s very likely that its only porn and that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with you . Be strong guys. This is reversible and we can do it. Resetting my counter today. For a fresh start

I had a pretty bad case of ED and thought that i would take more than 3 months but was actually able to have great sex in under that time (86 days).  I just turned it my everything now. Not going back to porn. i have realized that this is a journey. and that i need to completely eliminate porn out of my life. occasional masturbation to fantasy is fine. but Porn…big fat NO.


LINK – 90 Days, awesome sex, relapsed and ED again

by decipher1428