Age 27 – PIED cured, life is finally starting to look up

PIED has been a big problem for me. I struggled to get an erection and keep it with every girl I ever had sex with. I thought it was mostly nerves for the longest time, some of it probably was, but I started researching it and that’s when I discovered and this sub Reddit.

What a difference it has made! I’ve been with my current girlfriend fire over a year and every time we had sex I had the hardest time getting an erection. And when I finally did I would lose it.

Well this weekend we went out off town and had a great time. And when it came time to perform it poped right up and stayed! I was so happy and it was such a huge confidence boost for me!

I’ve also started working out and have actually stuck with it! I have more energy, and motivation. I also interact with people with more and can carry on a conversation with more confidence. No fap has so many benefits and life is finally starting to look up for new!


I’m 27. I used internet porn from around the age of 10 to about 22. I stopped using it at 22 because I met my wife at that time and she was against it. I also had trouble getting erect with her. But after a few weeks everything was fine. It must have been because I was nofapping but didn’t realise it.

After we split I started using again which was a little over a year ago. That’s when I met the girl I’m currently with. She doesn’t know that I’m doing no fap, she just thinks I have nerves and need to relax. But during our last session everything went well and I don’t think she thought anything of it.

LINK – After 41 days of no fap I was finally able to have sex with my girlfriend without PIED being a problem

by avenger2112