Age 27 – PIED gone, self-positivity growing stronger with time

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The first month is great as you begin to enjoy the subtler things life has to offer. Food tastes better, Nature is more beautiful. Second month new habits were formed. Started playing the piano, waking up at 7 am everyday and joined a yoga studio where I go 5 times a week.

Third month was the most substantive for changes wise. I no longer had anyway to escape from reality. I was forced to confront reality staring me in the face 24/7. My awareness of everything increased. My faults ex. letting people disrespect me and my strengths were heightened.

Having a deeper connection to my emotions is groovy. If I’m feeling lonely I’ll call someone and do something positive about it.

It’s a virtuous circle of good karma and self positivity that grows stronger with time.

Never break the cycle.

I’m 27. Started this way before Nofap was a thing. 10 years ago I did my own research and was shocked to learn about the dangers of excessive ejaculation initially. There was a lot of information for my 17 year old self to learn about. I wasn’t aware of any symptoms but I did have PIED which was confusing. Now it makes sense.

I used on average 2-3 times daily from 11-17 yrs old until I discovered by sheer curiosity how dangerous excessive ejaculation is.

Every day I wake up with the energy of the first cup of coffee I ever drank.

PIED gone. I’ve “gotten lucky” a couple of times.

LINK – Day 90 – Read the Report

By Petermuscle