Age 27 – PIED healed, and lots of personal growth


I was at a low point sexually, mentally, and physically. I paid for two prostitutes while abroad and my sexual performance was still shit even though they were really hot. At that moment I was really mad that my PMO habit had fucked me over so badly that I vowed that I will never watch porn again and never masturbate again. I will only orgasm as a result of getting a girl to get me off.

We’ll it’s been 90 days and three girls… and a fucking fantastic time with lots of personal growth. Knowing you are grounded enough to control your urges or funnel them into something productive is what this whole transformation is about. Keep at it boys and girls!

Since discipline is a muscle it has just strengthened my resolve in diet and lifting. I have become a bit sex crazed though.

[Advice] As a 27 year old let me tell you: focus on whatever it is you want to do / achieve in life. School, work, hobbies, sports, whatever else you personally are into. Women(or men) are the cherry on top the cake you build. You like the cherry and will indulge but the cake is just as great without it. That mentality plus nofap will get you extremely far.

LINK – I hit 90 days today!

By dark_dragoon10