Age 27 – PIED healed in 102 days


My inability to get and maintain an erection while trying to have sex with my live-in, long-term SO, was putting an incredible amount of mental and emotional strain on my body. When I’d realized how fucking stupid it was that every time I was alone, I would flip open my computer and start looking at whatever raunchy shit I’d want to see.

then I’d climax, and slip into depression. Then at night, I’d be terrified of losing my erection again, and putting more strain on the relationship. So when I realized that my porn addiction was central to my sexual problems.

Gabe’s videos that precede this one, provided enough evidence to me that I had to give it up, and since doing so, my sex life with my SO has almost completely healed. That was 102 days ago.

If anyone is rebooting right now, and wants to chat, feel free to PM me. I’m 27.


By POSTrock_in_thFrWrld