Age 27 – PIED progress, flatline easing


I mostly decided [to do] nofap due to PIED (porn induced erectile dysfunction). It ruined my life and my ex relationship. Benefits are mostly the common ones. More energy (I think this comes from the urges that kick in and drive you nuts). More confidence and need to smile / mingle with girls.

I relate this to the fact that you don’t have the easy resort of fapping to pixels, and if you are straight, you by default have the need as a human being to interact sexually with women. And I think porn destroys that natural instinct.

I’ve found myself in this journey. I learned to face my stress productively, instead of just fapping whenevr there is a problem. I also started talking to a therapist, which helped me understand a LOT.

I’m 27 years old and have been fapping since I was like 14 for the longest time (when I had a girlfriend I didn’t fap).

Flatline came around day 15-25. It would always come around there, which was why I always relapsed around day 25. But this time I just handled it. Hit the gym. Learned a language. Socialized. Stuff like that. I felt so angry when the Flatline first kicked in. I was at work and literally wanted to hit my fist on the desk. Everything was boiling inside, but I think it was because I hadn’t learned to deal with issues in the long run without PMO. It didn’t get insanely easier after, but now it’s nothing like that.

I haven’t had sex yet. But two times the last couple weeks when the urges were insane, I stroked my penis for a bit. After that, I usually got a very nice erection, which satisfied me enough to stop, because I could see that there’s progress in this whole thing. It seems to make sense. If you have also an issue, don’t worry, it’ll get there.

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By odindescendant